Threshold - Hypothetical
InsideOut Music
Soft Prog Metal
8 songs (56'04)
Release year: 2000
Threshold, InsideOut Music
Reviewed by Chris

Yet another prog metal release. I'm amazed how many there are these days, or maybe I start liking it better, who knows :). The first impressions that comes to my mind when the CD starts playing : Vanden Plas & Dream Theater (no kidding ?). The vocals are pretty different from both bands though. Apparently this one's the sixth album for the band, although its the first I've ever heard from them.

The album is what I would call "cool" prog metal, as the overall atmosphere is a calm one, except some moments with powerful riffs a la Vanden Plas. The singer's sings in many different ways and he performs an overall good jobl. The guitars and keyboards marry nicely to give you a very nice "flying in the clouds" kinda feeling. No crazy keyboards reminding Jazz or Blues (like you all know I hate those :). The overall is very enjoyable, but the weakness being probably originality here. It feels like I've heard the songs before I had actually listened them.

A quite good release in a scene where prog metal seems to get stronger day by day. The only problem with this Hypothetical is that it tends to repeat itself. If you're a die hard prog metal fan, then this release is definitely for you. The others might want to check it frist, as its not very original. In the end I enjoy listening to it in the back but I cannot really find anything thrilling about this release, its tainted with Dream Theater and Vanden Plas all over.

Killing Songs :
Light And Space, Oceanbound & Narcissus
Chris quoted 74 / 100
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