Magister Dixit - Andar And The Curse Of Azagath
Frowz Productions Enr.
Black Metal
11 songs (57'40)
Release year: 2000
Frowz Productions Enr.
Reviewed by Danny

No time to lose. Magister Dixit enters the arena with the first track, Civilizations Of The New Days, a bombastic piece of black metal that reminds me Ancient Rites (Fatherland). As it goes on, bands like Cradle of Filth or Auberon are also potential influence.

Unfortunately, the production sucks a little bit. The sound could have been much better if some instruments where positioned at their right place. Overall, there is nothing new and Magister Dixit jump from Cradle Of Filth to Ancient Rites, with vocals oscillating between black and death metal.

There are some interesting breaks where Magister Dixit leave all the traditional black metal elements behind and surprise me like on track fifth, The Curse Of Azagath Part 2, or on the sixth track, The Curse Of Azagath Part 3, being three excellent cross over of Bal-Sagoth, Ancient Rites and Cradle of Filth. The potential is definitely here ... but it passes by harder work and more personal songs.

Well, if you want to have everything coming out from the black metal scene, check this one ( Otherwise ...

Killing Songs :
The Curse Of Azagarth Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4
Danny quoted 60 / 100
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