Tankard - Thirst
AFM Records
Thrash Metal
9 songs (44:33)
Release year: 2008
Tankard, AFM Records
Reviewed by Charles
The new Tankard album is a real grower, not because it is in any way complicated or requiring of deeper understanding, but because like any record on which every song is relentlessly catchy, different tracks hit you in the face at different times. On the very first listen, Octane Warrior and Hyperthermia might stand out as particularly memorable. But on the second, you might notice how hard Stay Thirsty rocks (a lot, in case you were wondering), and find yourself unsure as to why you hadn't noticed the first time through. By the fifth or sixth spin, every track here might have been circling around your head at different points in time.

Tankard really haven''t changed too much over the years. Their records are now better recorded and more tightly performed, but they are still playing predominantly alcohol-themed, shouty chorus-driven thrash, and they still have a truly obnoxious but quite endearing sense of humour. Thirst is neither rocket science nor brain surgery... it is Tankard.

High points are all over the album. For me, the album's pinnacle is Hyperthermia; a tribute to Finnish sauna holidays that features just about one of the most neckbreaking thrash riffs I've heard in an awfully long time. The biggest surprise here by a long way is When Daddy Comes to Play, seemingly about child abuse, and hence sitting pretty uncomfortably alongside tracks such as Myevilfart and Sexy Feet Under. It has a strong melodic sensibility to it, and conjures a surprisingly dark, almost mournful atmosphere at times. Towards the end, the chanted children's vocals are genuinely creepy. A real stand-out track. Also slightly unusual is Deposit Pirates, which ditches 4/4 time for the rather more melodeath-esque 6/8, and also seems to draws some melodic inspiration from bands further North as well, sounding at times nearly, although not quite, At the Gates-ish. Apart from this, it's business as usual.

There aren't many albums that are this relentlessly enjoyable. Thirst is way catchier, faster, and rocks way harder than the last Destruction album (sorry guys, you were great live though!), and indeed most other records released this year. It's hard to know quite what else to say. If you like energetic riff-heavy thrash with choruses that are catchier than the ebola virus, then you probably know already that you should listen to this. Tankard is Tankard. Nary an ass will remain unkicked.

Killing Songs :
Hyperthermia, When Daddy Comes to Play, Octane Warrior
Charles quoted 86 / 100
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