Frequency - Compassion Denied
Scarlet Records
Melodic Metal
9 songs (44:52)
Release year: 2008
Scarlet Records
Reviewed by Jerrol
Surprise of the month

Hailing from western Sweden, melodic power metal band Frequency has returned with their follow up to their debut album, When Dream And Fate Collide, with the powerful Compassion Denied. This time around they have ditched some of the power metal nuances and opted for a straightforward, heavier style, while maintaining an aura of melody.

Frequency has added a new vocalist in Rick Altzi (At Vance, Sandalinas, Thunderstone) who supplies a commanding performance while remaining passionate; his singing style closely resembles that of Joe Lynn Turner. His voice fits each song perfectly while the rest of the band who keeps your attention by mixing up tempos throughout the tracks while supplying a good balance of memorable hooks and dazzling solos. Frequency’s style of power metal is akin to recent Nocturnal Rites or maybe Dragonland, but without the use of a keyboardist.

The lead and title track, Compassion Denied, displays the direction Frequency has taken with its opening Nevermore-esque riff before settling into a very catchy vibe. They bring this heaviness back throughout the song which keeps things interesting. Life After Hell is the closest Frequency gets to traditional power metal, with Daniel Heiman (Lost Horizon) excellently supplying some additional lead vocals. Your Pain Is My Guide pays homage to the eighties with its catchy chorus and vocal melodies. The album finishes with New World Era, my favorite on the album, an apocalyptic themed track which further shows their diversity by incorporating some death metal vocals.

Over the last couple years I have found myself veering away from the speedier keyboard enhanced power metal and instead craving a heavier, more melodic version. I have defiantly found that in Frequency with their latest release, Compassion Denied. They are unquestionably not offering anything original but it is refreshing to hear such a high quality release in this genre. Fans of this style of music would find it worth their time to check out this album.


Killing Songs :
All especially Compassion Denied, Your Pain Is My Guide, New World Era
Jerrol quoted 88 / 100
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