Face Down Hero - Where All This Anger Grows
Yonah Records
Modern Thrash Metal
9 songs (45:06)
Release year: 2008
Face Down Hero, Yonah Records
Reviewed by Jerrol

Not wasting anytime following up their debut, Opinion Converter, Face Down Hero return with their latest offering of modern thrash, Where All This Anger Grows. Now do not let the name fool you Face Down Hero is not another Metalcore band, this German quartet is heavily influenced by the second wave of the Bay Area Thrash scene (Testament, Forbidden, Death Angel) while shrewdly incorporating some NWOBHM and Melodic Death Metal elements. What they achieve is some killer heavy and groove driven Thrash Metal.

Driven by the blazing guitar tandem of Jens Kelschenbach and Christian (Kali) Naumann, who also handles the vocal duties, Face Down Hero kicks off with opening track Bursting Evolution. After its brief melodic intro, Naumann’s dominating clean vocals fit this style of music perfectly, recalling those of Jim Kjell (Gardenian), keeping this song alive until it unleashes an onslaught of ferociously beautiful and rich guitar harmonies. The pace continues into the next song, Copycat Effect, which brings to mind Pantera with its screeching guitar work. Things change pace on a couple songs, My Needless Helping Hand and This Queasy Feelings(?) creating more of a Dark Metal vibe, think earlier Darkseed, which showcases the bands versatility.

Face Down Hero’s ability to expand upon the technical and slightly progressive side of the second wave of Bay Area Thrash genre united with melodic riffs and harmonies they represent to me that they could be the best representatives of the modern Thrash Metal movement. Keep in mind that Face Down Hero’s style is not for the old school Thrash Metal elitist but if you are a fan of modern Heavy Metal or are looking for something slightly left of center then you would do you and your music collection no harm to check out Where All This Anger Grows.


Killing Songs :
Bursting Evolultion, Copycat Effect are favs but all are good
Jerrol quoted 82 / 100
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