Dark Quarterer - Dark Quarterer
Label Service
Epic Heavy/Doom/Prog NWOBHM
6 songs (41:40)
Release year: 1987
Dark Quarterer
Reviewed by Thomas
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Formed all the way back in 1974, Dark Quarterer are probably the oldest Italian band still around. However, although they were formed early, didn’t mean that they put out a proper release during the following years. It took them the number of thirteen to rise from the dust with their self-titled full-length. The trio at the time helped pioneering the epic and slightly proggy branch of heavy metal along with the likes of Manilla Road, and furthermore exploring the simplistic style of Cirith Ungol. I would also like to draw a comparison to what later became the band we know as Pagan Altar. Even though they’re Italian, their music is clearly colored by the movement we know as the “New Wave of British Heavy Metal”. With all these various styles mixed together, Dark Quarterer helped create the epic metal scene, and are a band that should instantly be connected with the term. Not only hard-hitting metal is played here. There are also some pretty audible attempts to capture the emotion of the progressive rock scene that flourished in the early eighties. And as with everything else, they’re completely succeeding with every attempt. Sounds like something you retro people should check out right? Yes you should. Now.

The mood is set within the millisecond Red Hot Gloves strikes like lightning. Explosive riffs mutilates the field of battle, while the heart-warming yet ripping leads tears up the rest of it. Fuiberto Serena plays with an emotional touch and incredible warmth that’ll melt any form of doubt away, if there were to be any at all. Along with Paolo Ninci’s energetic drumming not unlike Neil Peart, they make for a double-team that will be incredibly hard to bring down. Below it all, the thunderous and creative bass-work of Gianni Nepi create a flawless establishments without any cracks whatsoever. The music ranges between slower and early doom-like tracks such as the agile Gates of Hell to the 9-minute epic that is Colossus of Argil.Each band member play their part in keeping this pleasantly diverse due to the length of some songs. The riffs are never dipping in quality, the solos are often lengthy, unafraid and juicy, Nepi’s vocal work is similar to Tim Barker (Cirith Ungol) yet not as outlandish and a fair bit more accessible. His wailing soars into the sky, piercing the heavens, often causing a thunderstorm of properly executed falsettos that strikes any nearby tympanum with force. His work on the namesake is simply stunning, as he singlehandedly brings the album closer up to a whole different level with his sometimes soft vocals layered upon the awesome melodies he generates seemingly with ease. This song is by far the best track of the album, and maybe one of the best tracks this band has ever made. The thrilling verses bursts into sudden heaviness and stunning lead guitar parts that only Serena can handle, the drums are sparkling with energy now as much as ever, and this song pretty much sums up this album in one word: Masterful. I have yet to hear an epic metal record as timeless as this, as I’m quite fond of the raspy production this provides. Nothing is like properly produced metal of the old school. It brings back memories from when I wasn’t even born, and I curse my parents for it. I can only imagine those dark smoke-filled pubs with the scent of beer filling the air, while these beautiful bits of music touch your mind body and soul and make it shiver with awe.

You know, when I first got into metal way back then, I never thought that that many bands could be responsible for this incredible genre of ours. For me, it is still unbelievable that bands no, gems like Dark Quarterer doesn’t have a significantly bigger name than they actually have. On the other hand though, it’s kind of nice to know that you’re one of not that many that actually gets to experience the intense, melodic, epic, explosive and even comforting music these guys created for us to love back in the eighties. If you already haven’t thrown yourself onto google or MySpace, then do so now. This is something every single metal-fan should know, love and not the least experience. Go. Get. Now.

Killing Songs :
All, yet Dark Quarterer is the best.
Thomas quoted 93 / 100
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