Bal-Sagoth - Atlantis Ascendant
Nuclear Blast
War Metal
10 songs (49'00)
Release year: 2001
Bal-Sagoth, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Danny

Bal-Sagoth is one of the most important bands of the so-called symphonic black metal and has been indeed one of the most remarkable original figures in the style creating what is known today as : war-symphonic black metal.

Their "majestic keyboards" are still present (Bal-Sagoth's trademark) and the intro opens the door to a new chapter : The Atlantis. Compare to The Power Cosmic, the vocals on Atlantis Ascendant are a bit more aggressive which bring out the old brutality, but overall their are following Battle Magic path.

This is their fifth record and I cannot find the right words to explain that Bal-Sagoth's song writing is loosing ... inspiration record after record. They remind me somehow Running Wild. Like the German heavy/speed metal band, Bal Sagoth release again a very honest album, but haven't we already heard that a thousand time ? Since Battle Magic (third record and their best record for me), Bal-Sagoth is turning ... round. What a shame !

Apart that, their music is again an oppressive atmosphere, reminding me some horror soundtracks. Bal-Sagoth is one of the most important symphonic black metal bands and I guess that many bands have been influenced by them. No other band can create this type of atmospheres and invoke in the same time a darkly baroque fantasy world. Battles and horror!

Atlantis Ascendant is a type of Battle Magic II. Not a bad record at all, but let's hope the teacher is still able to give lessons to its students ... because I am sure they can do much better.

Killing Songs :
Atlantis Ascendant, Draconis Albionensis
Danny quoted 73 / 100
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