Fastkill - Nuclear Thrashing Attack
Worldchaos Production
Thrash Metal
10 songs (29:58)
Release year: 2007
Reviewed by Thomas

Holy crap those freak Japanese never seize to amaze me. Fastkill is not your average thrash band, and I guarantee that you haven’t heard anything like this before if you decide to give this a shot. This sounds more or less like the frantic Gammacide mixed with a lot of crazy and a bunch of total complete madness. This is Fastkill’s latest outing after the Infernal Thrashing Holocaust that was their debut. Motivated by destruction, led by hate and with disasters on their mind, these Japanese monsters are out to rip you to pieces with some of the fiercest thrash metal I have heard in a very very long time. Like a hateful disease, a faint touch of unease will crawl through your soul at the very first… eh.. scream of Toshio Komori. Yes the crazy has a name, and it’ll send chills down your spine. Not the neat chills you’ll get from an emotive solo and not the dark and shivering ones you’ll get from the most atmospheric of black metal. This’ll rather send some suicidal punches to the nerve-central located in your spine, and quite easily put, this is not for the faint of heart. At all.

You may wonder what this `outstanding` vocalist sound like, but the truth is that you have to experience that for yourself. I have never ever heard anything like this, but I’ll try my best to describe it to you. His singing, or shrieking rather, is very high-pitched and is destined to be a love/hate-thing. If you’re not open to some serious variation, this may ruin it for you. However, if you’re on the look for something completely unexpected, this should be something worth your time. I could go on for paragraphs and paragraphs trying to give you a detailed as possible description of this guys’ voice, but I guess the easiest way to say it is that I guarantee that you haven’t heard anything like this in any thrash metal band. No matter how much of an imagination you have, I don’t think you’ll be able to expect the seemingly painful torment this guy puts himself through to deliver the evil-sounding, glass-shattering screams of his. Backed up by furious, fierce and a little sloppy but raw thrashing mad guitars, this completes a rather odd listening experience. As I mentioned above, the music could be best compared to the likes of Gammacide, which by the way is a band people seriously needs to look into. The album is short but incredibly fast-paced, and even though it contains 10 songs, it does border on EP-length.

This could be best described as an iron-scaled beast that will kill you fast, but still painfully enough that you’ll remember the impact long into the afterlife. Fastkill is a band that everyone will remember as the band with the incredibly cool music and the insane vocal work. If you’re on the hunt for some, for once, original thrash metal, this may be something for you as it does more than stand out from the crowd. Musically it’ll rip your face off even though things get a little out of hand from time to time. The vocals will remain as one of the sickest things you have ever heard, shredding your flesh to pieces. This is nothing deep, nothing intriguing or nothing especially emotional. This is pure no-bullshit shocking thrash gone completely Japanese aka mad, and I fucking love it! Go order this if you want something a little different than all the other thrash kittens swarming around nowadays. Highly recommended.

Killing Songs :
Thomas quoted 87 / 100
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