Joe Satriani - Engines Of Creation
Sony Music
Instrumental / Guitar Hero
11 songs (52'04)
Release year: 2000
Sony Music
Reviewed by Chris

Okay I put the CD into the player... Hmmm... What the hell ? Fuck they gave me a wrong CD, fucking disk shop... well... angry I eject the CD and to my astonishment : "oh oh ... it's the right CD". Well... okay let's put it right back :) ... And it starts again, but okay... you get used to it. Satriani has a gift for changing his style and not changing it in the same time, you can always feel his touch... like fingerprints in the sound. And he did it again, so much than I really thought I had the wrong CD. How the hell could I know he's gonna do techno like (indus actually) music tracks ? Okay like I said it's Indus, not techno, but some of the track could very much be used in a Wipeout game soundtrack. So a very different CD from what I'm used to hear from Joe, and now that I almost accepted Crystal Planet changes in matter of sound I have to do it all over again and recalibrate my hearing sensors :) ! The album is technically impressive like always and home made Satriani's melodies are omnipresent, but warning, the guitar sounds very weird in this album, I'm not even sure it's one.... really ! you could mistake it with a keyboard and some people might feel strange about that like I did. So don't think you're gonna Surf With The Aliens (still my favorite Satriani album BTW) and the Silver Surfer.... cause it's millions of miles away in another direction (not near Crystal Planet either), but it doesn't mean it's bad... no, not at all, it's just different and original. Since I cannot say for this release that it sounds like metal I will not quote it.

Killing Songs :
I couldn't tell...
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