Seventh Void - Heaven Is Gone
Big Vin Records
Doomy Hard Rock / Metal
10 songs (42:25)
Release year: 2009
Seventh Void, Big Vin Records
Reviewed by Khelek

I have always been a big Type O Negative fan, so when I heard drummer Johnny Kelly and guitarist Kenny Hicky were involved in a new project, I knew I had to hear it. Seventh Void plays a brand of music that is a mix of grunge, doom, and hard rock elements that actually sound pretty good together. The album suffers from being too repetitive sometimes, but it is by no means a disappointment.

The album starts out with the song Closing In, which comes at you with a very heavy, distorted guitar riff that is also pretty catchy and immediately gets me interested. Then the vocals of Kenny come in, and I think he does a pretty good job. In Type O Negative I always enjoyed his backup vocals and these are similar except I think he sings in a more powerful voice. This track defines Seventh Void's sound for the most part; heavy, down-tuned guitars along with slow to mid-paced tempo and double bass drumming. The songs also stick to the verse-chorus pattern. The title track uses the same type of heavy, down-tuned guitar to crush you with riffs. The drumming is also very heavy, much like Johnny's drumming in Type O. It's really difficult not to compare their music to Type O Negative because that's what these guys do, write and play dark, heavy music and it can't help but sound somewhat similar in their playing styles. The End Of All Time is a bit doomier, sounding like something inspired by Black Sabbath. Unfortunately this song does tend to drag on after it gets past four minutes. Broken Sky also tends to get repetitive. It wouldn't be as much of a problem if the lyrics had some more imagination, but they don't in this song. Descent is another slower, doomier track that has a raw yet melancholy feel to it, which I think is mostly due to Kenny's vocals. He can sing in a raw, raspy voice but still add melody and sadness to it. Shadow On Me starts to blend into some of the other songs on the album, like Broken Sky and Descent. They just all have the same formula of verse-chorus and then the chorus a bunch more times with maybe a bridge thrown in there. Simply not that interesting. These guys obviously know how to write songs, but many of them sound too much alike. Drown Inside actually has some more interesting guitar work, but again I think the lyrics and structure of the song suffer from being too repetitive. How many times do I have to hear "Drown inside you!"? I do think the song Last Walk In The Light is a good way to close out the album. It has the same hard edge as the rest of the album, but it also incorporates a lot of melody, especially in the chorus. It also has a more pronounced grungy feel to it that I really like.

I really like the sound of Seventh Void, but there isn't enough variety on this album to make it really good, though it's not bad either. The lyrics and riffs used in this album can get repetitive unfortunately, and it sometimes feels like filler. This isn't a bad debut album, but it tends to become background music after repeated listens. I do really like the approach these guys have taken, creating a dark, heavy sound that is more based in hard rock and heavy metal than gothic metal. I think the guys have shown that they can write some really good songs, and those songs shine on this album. I hope that this project continues and that these guys really push this sound further.

Killing Songs :
Closing In, Heaven Is Gone, Last Walk In The Light
Khelek quoted 74 / 100
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