Twinspirits - The Forbidden City
Lion Music
Progressive Metal
10 songs (68:33)
Release year: 2009
Lion Music
Reviewed by Thomas

I>Twinspirits is another very inspired young and hopeful act from Italy that’s been snatched up by Lion Music’s skilled recruiting-team. Greatly influenced by later Dream Theater and Symphony X, Twinspirits delivers fine progressive and melodic metal that sounds and is performed maturely. The production is top notch, revealing every instrument down to the last detail, while the Russell Allen-like rough yet clear vocals soars like an eagle looking for prey high above. The songs are properly crafted, consisting of distinct and elementary progressive characteristics that’ll please most fans of the genre. Off-beats, sudden polyrhythmic tempo-shifts, dazzling solo-battles as well as a bunch of melody and charm is the key-words here, and while the song-writing isn’t particularly inventive at all and not always as consistent as you’d wish, this will definitely cut it for fans new to the scene as it is not very hard to get into and enjoy.

On the other hand, surely, if you’re looking for inventive and revolutionary music within the progressive metal scene, then look elsewhere. This is a typical new progressive metal band with a typical new and modern progressive metal sound, but to be frank, this is levels above other fresh bands of the same genre, and their key is the maturity they put on display here both instrumental-wise as well as production-wise. The guys do a proper job of keeping the listener interested, the album flows smoothly and the songs are nicely tied to each other with deliberate transitions as well as exciting pieces that connect the different songs to one another.

All in all, there is not much more to be said without me repeating myself. The Forbidden City might come of as a little generic at first, but Twinspirits manage to prove their way, and that they have something to bring to the table. A proper album to start with for metal-heads who want to explore the progressive universe, as it won’t leave you all confused with too many twists and turns that is hard to understand and follow. A little predictable, but never boring, and the progressive stylings come in healthy doses. A good sophomore effort, and I’m looking forward to their next one.

Killing Songs :
The Forbidden City, Everything, One of Us, BTR
Thomas quoted 78 / 100
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