Mandragora Scream - Fairy Tales From Hell's Caves
Caipiranha Records
Gothic Pop
10 songs (68'00)
Release year: 2001
Mandragora Scream
Reviewed by Danny

Caipiranha Records is a division of Nuclear Blast.

I hope this division will give us as many good bands and records as Nuclear Blast did so far ... but let me doubt it following this CD.
As far as I know, this Fairy Tales From Hell's Caves is one of the biggest "gothic joke" of the year.

Pop Gothic ??? Pop what ??? What the hell is that ?

First, I am wondering why there is almost no guitar sound on this record. Secondly, as there is not a single chance this album will passed on radio, why this band try to avoid the metal sound and in the same time ... tries to interest the metal kids. Nonsense !

I recognize the vocals are good, but this band tries to repeat the success of Nightwish on the gothic scene. Pathetic. A very bad copy of what the true gothic scene offers us ... usually. The piano and the keyboards gets on my nerve from the first second till the end and I do not follow "musically" the ideas of Mandragora Scream. Soft, not metal for a penny, bad song-writing ..... this is what happened when you drink to much (Caipiranha Records ;-) ).

We close our eyes for this time and we hope next album will be more serious and also ... more metallic for this new metal (?) label.

Pass your way ... 'cause this one is not for you, my dear metal readers.

Killing Songs :
Danny quoted 30 / 100
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