Reign Of Terror - Sacred Ground
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Malmsteen copycat US Power Metal
12 songs (63'18)
Release year: 2001
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Reviewed by Chris

Ok I surrender... I don't understand why everyone wants to sound like Malmsteen... but I won't fight it anymore... so fu**ing be it. Yet another album with this typical US Power Sound à la Yngwie... this one is at least the best one I've listened to this year (maybe even since a couple of years).

The singer Michael Vescera is (I think) the one that was on the Magnum Opus album (Malmsteen best ever album for me). He was also Loudness former vocalist. The guitars are handled (with brio) by Joe Stump who's speed and accuracy is pretty impressive that's for sure, as for his level of inspiration, well, no comments as for me anyone who cannot do something else than copycating someone else work isn't inspired - full stop. I don't mind taking inspiration from a band or a guy, but this is not just inspiration... actually it's a competition, who will sound the same (or better) than Yngwie... Reign Of Terror, Mark Boals, Narnia, .... stop godammit !!! Look inside your artist mind, what does that tell you ?? well... if you have an answer I'd love to hear it. As for the competition Reign Of Terror wins the price with a couple of touchdowns... no doubt about that. Congratulations, you've made the best copycat album ever ! (want an award ?? :) )

Personal feelings aside this album will please fans of the genre, actually it's the best release of the style since a long long time, no doubts about that... The production is very good and the vocals are quite nice actually. I have to recognize the quality of the work presented here, even though it bores the hell out of me, same melodies, same arpegio then and there, same guitar solos and riffs... Originality wise the album is worth plain zero and I mean it ! I must admit that if it was the first ever album of the style I would have listen I would probably be thrilled and call it a masterpiece, but not after so many similar albums of so many bands ! But I'm sure all Malmsteen freaks will simply love it as it's far better than what you've got from this kind of music lately. Technically impressive, good songs, good vocals, what to ask more will you tell me ? well, maybe some soul in the music... cause I can't find some here. So I've decided to put my feelings about the style aside and try to be impartial and I am in the quoting at least, but if you ask me : boring, boring, boring...

Killing Songs :
... whatever, it all sounds the same to me. Sorry for the mood :).
Chris quoted 78 / 100
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