Wayne - Metal Church
Nuclear Blast
Heavy Metal
10 songs (39'00)
Release year: 2001
Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Danny
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Well I was lucky with my CD reviews this week. After the excellent Wytchfynde, where the spirit of the 80's is perfectly represented, here comes another masterpiece called Wayne's Metal Church.

Yeah, you might think : Metal Church isn't this famous heavy metal band coming from US ? Yes it is, and Wayne is the famous original voice of Metal Church. Of course, I immediately thought why creating a solo album in the vein of Metal Church and releasing it under Wayne logo. Well, because this is not exactly what does Metal Church (I said not exactly, but the spirit is definitively there) and may be (I guess) for some business reasons.

Who cares anyway as this is one of the best heavy metal release of the year. The Choice is an excellent way to start and it remind us that Metal Church (the band) is a great heavy metal band. The Hammer Will Fall is a typical old-school heavy metal song (who said Accept), Soos Creek Cemetary is in the pure vein of Ozzy and Nightmare Part II reminds you very much Anvil.

Wherever you go this summer, do not forget to take with you this excellent old-school record called Wayne Metal Church (which is a bit too short, 39'00 only !!!).

Pray, my dear heavy metal brother.

Killing Songs :
Nightmare Part II, The Choice, The Hammer Will Fall
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