Avsky - Scorn
Moribund Cult
Black Metal
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Release year: 2010
Moribund Cult
Reviewed by Alex

Playing black’n’roll properly takes the right attitude. I am not a musician, but even if I was, I would not be able to muster enough of nihilistic fuck-everything mind-set to create the definitive album. Much less me, standout musicians of Satyricon and Secrets of the Moon tried and weren’t able to put together enough hatred to sound convincing in their latest releases. The Swedish duo Avsky apparently has that attitude in abundance, keeping their middle finger constantly extended moving through their latest Scorn.

The cavernous descent opening into As the Mountains Collapse is a totally temporary reprieve from the ugly primitive mid-pace mucky riffing ugliness about to take over. It is the testament then to the (improved) songwriting ability of Avsky that while their riffs do not merit further exploration on the individual basis, they absolutely work together in longer than usual for such style compositions. The boredom never sets, and pretty soon you catch yourself nodding to the flow, mesmerized, your own middle finger slowly extending in the direction of the drivers you pass by in the feat of mild road rage. Like a silly butterfly drawn to the fire, you find yourself drawn into Avsky, to the edge of the pit the Swedes created, knowing full well that nothing but spitefulness and evil can meet you at the bottom after you inevitably fall in.

Avsky don’t peel off your ears with endless blasts, the band having a few glimpses into early Marduk (Dead End), their nastiness coming much more in the form of Darkthrone droning punkiness (title track). Interestingly enough, the band even probes a bit of Horna-like melodies with their chord sequences (No Compassion, No Regrets), and even has a harrowing echoing solo on this track.

The experimental moments are present on Scorn as well, the whole album is not just about riffing. Shining’s clean acoustic insanity peers through in The Beyond, and this tune could not have been placed any better coming on the heels of Dead End conclusion sounding like something noise-mongers Khlyst could have put together.

Depravity, reigning on Scorn, coupled with TO’s vocals processed as if thin metallic sheet is being stricken continuously in the wind, is as pretty as the body of one Egyptian god Ammut. His were the head of a crocodile, the torso of a leopard and the hind legs of a hippo. All three animals were known to eat some unfortunate ancient Egyptians who happened to wonder in the wrong place on the Nile. Prepare to be devoured by Scorn if you dare. And, by the way, Avsky means disgust in Swedish.

Killing Songs :
No Compassion, No Regrets, The Beyond
Alex quoted 80 / 100
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