Hypocrite - Edge Of Existence
No Fashion Records
Swedish Death/Thrah
12 songs (48'20)
Release year: 2001
No Fashion Records
Reviewed by Danny

Hypocrite is back after their Into The Halls Of The Blind, considered by many as an In Flames or Dark Tranquility clone band and playing in the melodic Swedish death/thrash division.

Edge Of Existence is an typical Swedish death/thrash album, with this sound coming straight from ... Gothenburg, with typical death vocals and the riffs have been written two thousand times. Not bad, but for me, the copy-paste is too evident. OK, the rhythm part reminds you very much Running Wild or Brainstorm, but this is "déja-vu".

The thrashy guitars saves the day, but I really think that Hypocrite will stay for a while in the second division if they don't manage to write something that comes from their own heart ... and not this music which has been written by others ... ten years before.

I have read the production of Edge Of Existence was "close to be perfect". Sorry, the production is really not that good and when you listen to In Flames or Dark Tranquility sound, Hypocrite should invest more money in their production, because this one sound like early 90's ... and my calendar shows 2001.

This is the kind of CD you forget two weeks later. Only if you want to have everything out of this scene.

Killing Songs :
Edge Of Existence
Danny quoted 65 / 10
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