Altars Of Destruction - Gallery Of Pain
Violent Journey Records
Hardcoreish Death Metal
9 songs (30:42)
Release year: 2010
Altars Of Destruction, Violent Journey Records
Reviewed by Aleksie
Despite an early start in the Finnish metal scene, Altars Of Destruction was a complete unknown to me before getting this promo. Their history is quite intriguing: Founded in 1986, they released seom demos and a 7-inch EP before disbanding in 1989 due to what the band itself describes as “personal differences, relocating of members, army service, imprisonments, major alcohol abuse, personal issues” and so forth. Then over 15 years after their disbanding, the core members started to toy around with ideas about recording again and now, over 20 years since their original break-up, out comes Gallery Of Pain, containing rerecorded songs from the 80s along with two new tracks.

First off, everyone take expectable note that the “hardcore” tag that comes along here has zip to do with the metalcore-leanings of the new millennium. This baby is a straight-up Stormtroopers of Death-style mash of hardcore and death metallic spurts from Sepultura’s early days. The Billy Milano-esque hoarse vocal style of Mika Luoma only furthers this vibe, although from time to time, he does bring in a sizeable echo of Tom Araya as well.

The music is meat and potatoes thrown into the pit and trampled repeatedly. Cuts like Altars of destruction, Children of misfortune and Cross the line (of no return) throw in the groovy section to precede frantic guitar solos while Guilty or not and the thrashy Aggression let the riffs grind with very little mercy. Speaking of next to no mercy, that title would go to Suicide…are you fucking insane? which does throw in the fist-pumping middle section but otherwise is just face-rippingly fast. Heroes of the new world and the title track go for some slow-to-mid-tempo punishment but just aren’t up to par with the more rabid tunes. Another healthy dose of thrashier material in the form of Day of judgement closes the album in commendably punchy fashion. The production job is as raw and savage as you would anticipate from such music but the balance is still handled very well.

For modern metallic sensibilities, lush fields of melodies and textures, progressive song writing and the lot, you really should stay away from this sucker. For a no-frills old school beatdown that is nearly relentless for 30 minutes straight and damn proud of it, you should check out Gallery Of Pain.

Killing Songs :
Aggression, Cross the line (of no return) Suicide...are you fucking insane & Day of judgement
Aleksie quoted 70 / 100
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