Shout - Shout Back
Z Records
Pop / Hard Rock
12 songs (45'31)
Release year: 2000
Z Records
Reviewed by Chris
Crap of the month

Wow... another come back, we're full of them these days. So, happy to learn that a band I liked very much in my old Bon Jovi days are back : I'm putting the CD into the player, waiting for this month second coming back (after Axxis). Well... I quickly understood I would NOT enjoy that one as much as I did for Axxis... even though the first track is "listenable" ... but for the rest I'm afraid... it's really bad !! Nothing, absolutely nothing, not even a nice melody to catch on... ballads sucks, and are not worthy of calling them as such. The vocalist is still a good singer with a good voice, but the songs have absolutely nothing... keyboard seems to have been used only to bother you, guitars are so bad I shouldn't even mention them, not a riff to hold on to. Frankly when you want to come back you don't just record songs like that and try to sell them... for god sakes these guys could write fantastic songs like Never Stop or Winners Or Losers which are still carved in my memory and so Shout should stay... a memory (now even that is ruined) ! A pathetic song has been written for the new millennium... called y2k... and I really hate this one... perhaps more because of all the commercial crap turning around y2k than the song itself... even though it's really not good song. So there's no way Shout are coming back with such a loser album ! I don't even understand how a producer would try to make such an album... (we want quality !! not quantity !) and if the band ever read that... do you want to come back ? then do like Axxis did... go find out what's in your roots, what made you play and love music when you were just boys !

Killing Songs :
none !
Chris quoted 15 / 100
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