Bad Acid Trip - Lynch the Weirdo
Serjical Strike
Abstract Punk/Grind
17 songs (31'00)
Release year: 2004
Serjical Strike
Reviewed by Crash
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Upon first listening to Bad Acid Trip, the first word that comes to most people’s minds is “weird”. And they are. A second listen might reveal that they are unfocused and can rarely focus on an idea for more than a few seconds at a time, whether it be political left wing rantings, humorous asides about sex toys and phallic objects, or what they like to call “Beef Moo”. This is evident as well. Upon a third listen, one can enjoy this album for what it really is which is a great combination of styles that most people don’t give more than a glance at face value.

Coming from Los Angeles, Bad Acid Trip play a combination of grindcore and crust punk with random influences from classic black metal. You won’t be able to hear any of this however, since the influences are distorted into new ideas so much that unless you are really looking for them they will most likely pass you by.

Being an independent band for many near a decade before this album was released, they had a spark of luck with the connections they made with fellow high school friends System Of a Down who unless you have been living in a cave, climbed the charts as one of the most successful metal bands of the 2000’s. With Serj Tankian picking them up on his Serjical Strike Records label and with Daron Malakian at the helm with producing, their favor to old school friends has turned into an overlooked gem in the crack between genres, not belonging anywhere specifically but desperately needing mention in multiple areas. They were even lucky enough a couple of years ago to participate in the Freefest tour across America with S.O.A.D. pulling strings. By far the most out of place band that Ozzfest had ever seen, they were considered by many to be the worst band the tour had ever seen while some simply laughed and shook their heads at the whiners who were complaining that they were not more like Disturbed.

The album is split into two types of songs both sharing equal space. The “main” songs are all at your standard length of three minutes or so and mix the best of all of their sounds whether it be the almost surf rock beginning of Cigarette Pack, a song relaying the importance of fun in the bedroom while listing off various sex toys has tons of fun before it turns into a pure grinding mess filled with tremolo picking and blast beats. Jump Rope Spray Water leads off in the same direction, further exemplifying the obvious influence of circus music.

The second style of songs are more familiar with crust punks and grindcore fans. Rarely lasting over a minute or taking a break for a second, these energetic bursts of psychotic fury (As it says below their logo) do the job and never feel like filler. Other sons like Beef Moo, Habits of Clay, and Join the Circus continue blending these two styles until the end of the album, which at only a half hour never has a chance to get boring. If any complaint can be made, it would be the obvious point that most of their songs are political in nature while which I do not mind, could detract people for the same reason why they may not like Rage Against the Machine or System of a Down. Bad Acid Trip however would much rather just be insulting and controversial than lead any rally’s which is the right way to go when dealing with punk music.

It’s funny, I still can’t think of a way to describe the actual sound of the band without resorting to “It’s like…” comments. I could say, “It’s like the Dead Kennedy’s meets Mr. Bungle and The Dillinger Escape Plan.” I could say, “It’s like a soundtrack to the film Freaks”. But I’d rather just let it be what it is, which is a very fun and very energetic album for anyone who doesn’t mind getting weird stares on the bus.

Killing Songs :
Cigarette Pack, Jump Rope Spray Water, Beef Moo, Habits of Clay
Crash quoted 86 / 100
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