Lake of Tears - Forever Autumn
Black Mark
Melodic Doom/Gothic Metal
9 songs (45:25)
Release year: 1999
Lake of Tears, Black Mark
Reviewed by Khelek
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By the time Forever Autumn came out in 1999, Lake Of Tears had already covered a lot of ground since their inception, beginning as a doom/death outfit and moving into more melodic and even gothic and folk territory. This is definitely the band's most well known work and perhaps the best album they ever wrote. The title suggests more of a traditional doom atmosphere, but instead what you get is a very melodic take on the doom sound; mostly mid-paced songs that are thoughtful and down to earth in a way that folk music often is. In my opinion this is an underrated and overlooked masterpiece that continues to stand the test of time.

The album begins with the excellent So Fell Autumn Rain, which sounds like the title of a doom epic, but is instead a very melodic track starting with melancholy cello and breaking into a catchy set of riffs backed up by the keyboards of Christian Saarinen. The vocals of frontman Daniel Brennare are also especially good here. I would say this is probably the most memorable track from the album, and even go so far as naming it one of the most unforgettable songs the band has ever written. This is the first song I ever heard by Lake Of Tears, so for me it has that nostalgic value as well, but the song did make such an impression me that I immediately started looking for more of the band's material and other bands that sounded like them, only to find that they have quite a unique sound. Hold On Tight continues with a bit more energy, beginning with some simple acoustic guitar and softer vocals, which leads into heavier riffs that carry you right along for the ride. This is also a slow to mid-paced song, but it doesn't seem to drag on. The lyrics are also quite memorable; it's the kind of song you want to sing along to. The slow songs continue with Forever Autumn, a memorable ballad that leads into Pagan Wish, a faster take on this very melodic sound that wakes you up with catchy guitar work. Otherwheres is the perfect example of an instrumental track done right. The song tells a story, bringing you first into darkness created with lonely sounding keyboards and sounds of thunder, then brightening as the clouds begin to break, and finally into full sunlight.

I could list off the good things about every song on this album, but I won't. The album continues after Otherwheres with a few more mid-paced tracks that all create the same earthy atmosphere, which sometimes tempts me to call this band folk, which they have clearly been influenced by. I do want to mention the final track on the album, the epic To Blossom Blue. This really is a doom/gothic epic, telling a story and using the unique sound of the accordion. This is not an instrument I immediately think of when wanting to create a melancholy atmosphere, but it is used here perfectly. Overall this is a slow, doomy album blended with gothic melancholy that is very skillfully woven together. It's an enjoyable listen especially if you take the time to just sit and hear to the entire thing, yet the individual songs are catchy and memorable all on their own, making this an easy album to like. Every song has something to enjoy. I suggest this to anyone who is a fan of gothic metal or the softer side of doom if they have never heard it.

Killing Songs :
So Fell Autumn Rain, Hold On Tight, Pagan Wish, To Blossom Blue
Khelek quoted 95 / 100
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