Doomshine - The Piper At The Gates of Doom
Massacre Records
Doom Metal
10 songs (73:10)
Release year: 2010
Massacre Records
Reviewed by Thomas
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Remember back in 2004 when Candlemass a compilation called Essential Doom? Well, in beer-gobbling Germany, a band adequately named Doomshine released their first album, Thy Kingdom Come. A mighty fine and epic doom metal album that more or less resembled the enormous beast that is Candlemass and their well, essential doom metal. It didn't get much press nor attention, but the tight corners of the shattering underground that got a hold of it, praised it. It was a huge piece of head-busting, slow, crushing music, that was worthy of the comparisons with the monstrous Swedes. Now, six long years later, they're out with their follow-up effort, the awesomely titled The Piper at the Gates of Doom. The question that remains is of course if Doomshine can withhold their excellent reputation, with another heap of earth-shattering songs of cosmic proportions. Seeing as how modern day doom metal bands tends to not knowing the difference between playing slow and playing boring, I didn't have the greatest of expectations despite their excellent début, but well, like many times before, I was wrong.

Sanctuary Demon is heavy as a tombstone, pushing you downwards mentally. Sorrowful guitars and soaring, mourning vocals preaches your apocalypse, as nearly nine minutes of grief nearly rips you apart. True metal influences colours Actors of the Storm a little brighter , yet all is still pitch black. Ripping riffs and incredible soloing are brought forth to the altar of doom, as the mystical, enormous vocals clenches your throat, and as Hark! The Absurd Angels Fall stomps on your bleeding face your downfall is imminent. The opening trio is more or less firing the same weapons, with heavy, devastating riffs, slow and precise drums, and pretty awesome lead guitars. The vocals are mainly clean, and focused on mournful melodies that'll catch your attention, packed with explosive power, he fits the music like a glove, and overall, everything is glued nicely together. The production job is awesome, as the sound is nice and clear. The spectacular riffs comes crashing down on you like flaming meteors, and like the blasting hooves of the horsemen, drummer Markus Schlaps and bassist converges and creates a massive force that drives this music forward and adds bunches to the heaviness.

Even if you were to think that Doom Metal is boring, I somehow believe you'd like this. Due to the production, the fact that this is slightly catchy and clean vocals, should be enough for the lightest of power metal-heads to give this a shot. With outstanding, powerfully crafted songs like Actors of the Storm, Hark! The Absurd Angels Fall, River of January and particularly awesome, and personal favourites The Crow Pilot, Godhunter and Cold Cypher Ceven, you should in all honesty be blown away. In other words, In the wake of Candlemass' recent epic monster Death Magic Doom, lies a glimmering gem of traditional, heavy doom metal, The Piper at the Gates of Doom. Go get it.

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