Supremacy - In Death and Pleasure EP
Self Release
Symphonic Black Metal
5 songs (26:39)
Release year: 2009
Reviewed by Jaime
Well that intro was pretty cool at least. Death, the first song on the album begins with a sort of industrial type section before going into your standard black metal with strings over the top. There are some pretty cool progressions within it but the production (and the kick drum, oh dear...) mute the the bombast that the band could have achieved with a better mix and drum trigger. Project Lebensborn is a little too happy sounding to begin with, but again, standard black metal stuff is stuck in between the interesting parts, which are pretty abundant here actually. The next track is a little bit silly sounding overall, it's pretty straight forward stuff with so-so lyrics and comes across as really cheesy, especially with the techno piano bit near the end that makes the song seem a bit cluttered. Priest starts with a spoken intro that sounds pretty evil and foreboding (I don't speak Italian though, but the general feel it gives of is like that). But the actual song is nothing to really write home about, the build up in the beginning doesn't lead anywhere sadly. There is an extra song with the album that seems to be from an earlier demo recording, which is pretty good actually, with some strange elements in the background that help the atmosphere.

So aye, Supremacy have some good ideas, laced with some standard ones. They've yet to find their niche I think as they're treading well walked ground, but if they expand on some of the more original elements they have and get a decent recording and mix then their next release should be worth a shout.
Killing Songs :
Death, Project Lebensborn
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