Cerebellion - Inalienable
Self Release
(Kinda) Prog Metal
12 songs (56:45)
Release year: 2010
Reviewed by Jaime
Surprise of the month
Cerebellion hail from Southern California and have a pretty interesting take on Prog Metal by going for a rather more energetic and aggressive sound than most Prog bands tend to utilize. At times the music reminds me a bit of Aghora's heavier parts which is a plus.

Not that you'd notice it from the intro track Inalienable which conjures up images of Pillar Anders Visa from In Flames's Colony album. Just Under The Surface has a pretty cool bluesy sort of intro before going into the verse that's a little more mainstream rock than anything else, but the slightly gritty vocal delivery pushes it beyond that. The heavier part in the song almost veers into Nu-Metal territory but isn't unpleasant to listen to. The next track Embrace the Imperfection is a bit more of the In Flames with a few clean interludes thrown in there. The drums in particular highlight that aggressive sound I was on about earlier, they're very punch and in your face. It might seem that there's not exactly much Prog in the first few songs when listening to them but fourth track Undeniable brings it to the fore by bringing Latin percussion and flamenco style guitars into the mix with some excellent solos as well. The final minute of so's polyrhythm section is worth listening out for too.

The first three minutes of If Only are a bit of a struggle to listen to as it's just plain boring, but by God things pick up sharply after it for the rest of the song. Not The Final Destination comes off the blocks like a Thrash song but sadly the vocals are a bit too clean production wise for it to pack the punch it needs. A little Metalcore-esque chorus leads into a big proggy section complete with Mastodon and Meshuggah elements and (sadly) a short breakdown. A short, rapid punch of a song that is a little unfocussed but still pretty good. In Memory is a little acoustic interlude that'd not be out of place on say... a Power Metal album. Nice, but generally inoffensive. We Rise Again sounds a bit like a Metalcore track albeit less grating as the majority of those bands tend to be. Similar to the track before it's good but fairly inoffensive, and Coexisting follows a similiar formula with the ending standing out the most. Another track begins with a bass intro which becomes a tad boring when repeated so many times, but the guitar playing on Still Burning more than compensates for it. The last song proper on the album is Breach of Security, a fast paced one and kinda reminds me a bit of Pantera as it has that sort of vibe about it. Very Thrashy, pretty heavy and all in all a not bad track. Outro track This Won't Die finished the album an a high note with another In Flames inspired acoustic song.

Inalienable is a fairly solid start from Cerebellion. Despite being a little unfocussed and using some ideas a bit too much (those bass intros and stripped back verses damn near killed me) the performance and production were both excellent and the band will hopefully have a bright future ahead of them.
Killing Songs :
Inalienable, Just Under The Surface, Undeniable, Not The Final Destination, This Won't Die
Jaime quoted 79 / 100
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