Impale - Keeper Of The Flame
Heavy/True Metal
3 songs (13'15)
Release year: 2000
Reviewed by Chris

Wow wow wow.... where do theses guys come from ??? A friend send me that CD from Japan, to my surprise but for sure to my total satisfaction as I never miss having killer songs like the one contained in that CD.

These guys are from Sweden, and beside maybe their name and awful looking logo I've got only good things to say of them. They play a Heavy True Metal, basically they are following the trend of True Metal, fast drums, lots of melodies flying all over the place but while keeping a very Heavy touch, especially on the riffs that are more than powerful. The guitar player must be an Iron Maiden fan judging by the quality and style of his solos. The vocals are quite nice, nothing transcending of course but the overall has a lot of personality and makes me headbang in my flat while my neighbors are hitting the walls to make me pop the volume down (good luck pals ! :)). This single contains 3 songs, 2 killer tracks (Keeper Of The Flame, Remember) and a very good song (Mankind's Call). Unfortunately this CD is more than a year old, and I couldn't reach the website written on the booklet, I really hope the band didn't give up cause they have what it takes. If I was a label I would sign these guys with my eyes closed, actually I would gladly sign them myself if only I had the money.

An impressive band, for all fans of good Heavy Metal and melodic stuff. Hoping to hear from this band soon as they really deserve a chance, and I think if someone gives them they'll do amazing things ! Time will tell...

Killing Songs :
Keeper Of The Flame, Remember
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