Infernal War - Redeskration
Agonia Records
Blackened Death Metal
11 songs (37:15)
Release year: 2007
Agonia Records
Reviewed by Tony
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I tend to review great albums in bunches. This band was introduced to me along with a good number of other Black Metal bands by one of my confidants in my first 3 years of college. We would smoke weed from a church warden pipe and drink whiskey like a couple of grumpy old men. We'd intellectually meander and discuss such topics as conspiracy theories, politics, and occasionally women. But when we bonded most was over Black Metal.

Infernal War are a Polish Blackened Death Metal band who certainly are up there on the Richter Scale of heaviness. Their political affiliation is another one under question, but there are no concrete arguments to whether they’re NS or not, and I have not found any information which would cause me to withhold this review on the basis of objectionable politics. Redeskration, the 2007 opus and certainly one of the heaviest albums of that year tears through your speakers and brings down the house like only the Kool-Aid man would be capable of. When I say heavy I mean it. Redesekration one of the most aggressive, brutal, Christ bashing albums of all time. This is aural violence along the lines of Anaal Nathrakh.

The first track is kind of nonsensical, just an 11 second prelude, aptly entitled Prelude to Infernal Purification gives way to one of the most memorable songs in the genre. Spill the Dirty Blood of Jesus has the memorable hijinks, the preposterously sacrilegious vocals, and haggard rhythms as only some of what makes it a murderous first song. Holy Hell does this song roar from the gate. It almost reminds me of Ray Lewis blitzing up the middle before tearing the quarterbacks head off. (yes I play rugby and I hold rugby players to a higher standard, but being a U fan and watching Ray Lewis since 1995 I find it safe to say that Ray Lewis will destroy any athlete the world throws at him)

Apart from the outwardly surprising analogies, there comes a time in this review where it is a must to dissect and analyze the meat and potatoes of what makes Redeskration such an awesome album, and it starts with track 2, the aforementioned Spill the Dirty Blood of Jesus . My friend I previously spoke about showed me a Youtube user made music video where this song was set to the tragic death of one Jesus Christ captured for your viewing pleasure by Mel Gibson on The Passion of the Christ. Not only seeing this scene for the first time but seeing it set to such horrifying vocals and music made listening to this song for the first time an unforgettable experience. This track starts the blistering pace that never Infernal War never let die down. There are fully audible lyrics, lightning fast riffs with surprising precision, and drums with the pace and quality to rival the best in the world.

Perhaps the most memorable moment on the album is the bridge which slows down the band quite a bit into a mid paced groove in which the vocalist (I am unsure of who sang on this album) belts out some of the most Anti-Christian lyrics in a simple and hateful form. Like any catchy lyrical passage, they come out smooth, concise, and powerfully. The bridge opens the hellish gate to a speedy and well played solo with some sweeping towards the end that goes to show that this is not just a percussion and vocal show. These guitarists are upper echelon musicians as well.

Why Infernal War have not gotten any publicity is beyond logical thought, but it could be due to the fact that two of the musicians played session in Honor, a National Socialist band, and other members have played in Warhead, another band with questionable political affiliations. I feel that anyone with any sort of NSBM branded on their hand will receive a primarily shunning treatment much like that Communist Black Metal does. I can’t pinpoint what they call that movement but it’s equally as moronic as NSBM. Shatterer of Liberty continues in the same vein as the previous master track.

Infernal War on Redesekration are awesome for the same logic behind why Cannibal Corpse is awesome. You know what you’re getting, it’s not going to change, the band won’t compromise, and it’s going to be hurled at you like a catapulted watermelon to the face (anyone see that clip from the Amazing Race?) Overall it’s an album with many tracks bearing a serious similarity but the formula behind Infernal War is so aggressive and so violent that it almost makes up for the similar songwriting. This is a pure onslaught; an auditory dismantling of your soul. I recommend for Death and Black Metal fans alike, as this is sure to please pretty much anyone who wishes to give them a gander.

Killing Songs :
Spill the Dirty Blood of Jesus, Shatterer of Liberty, Redeskration, Regime of Terror, Death's Evangelist.
Tony quoted 89 / 100
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