Wuthering Heights - Within
Sensory Records
Progressive / Symphonic Speed Metal
7 songs (47'40)
Release year: 1999
Wuthering Heights, Sensory Records
Reviewed by Chris

I'm late on this one but this CD diserve to be reviewed !!! And guess what ? This CD is full of surprises... The overall is pretty convincing and very promising for the future ! But enough with generalities, the album as a good sound, and is nicely mixed as well. Arrangements could however be smoother, sometimes the music jumps from a tempo to another kinda strangely. But the more I listen to it the less it bothers me and the more I'm getting addicted to this album and this band. The music is definitely melodic all the way, from the first track to the last, sounding sometimes like Symphony X, but not as heavier (probably because of the singer's voice). Songs are quiet different one from another and some are simply amazing...like Dreamwalker, the fifth song of this record, which last 13 minutes and is unbelievable... So many different atmospheres and instruments during that song !!! I think the last time I heard such a great prog. song was when I first listened to Metropolis from Dream Theater. Many instruments you don't usually hear in heavy metal are present, and I would not try to count them all (even if some are probably coming from a keyboard... but who cares ???), and the usual violins and piano are here but they are used differently than Symphony X or Rhapsody uses them. The singer is also interesting... he can sing different styles and his voice is smooth and goes well with the music (he reminds me an old Malmsteen singer). Even though the overall is excellent I think there are some improvements to be done on the voice and on musical arrangements, but with such talent I'm not worried at all for them ! So in the end this is a very good surprise, and it's about time that we find a really original band with their own sound ! So for all people that loves symphonic metal and nice progressive songs this one is for you and you're not going to be disappointed. Two thumbs up guys !!

Killing Songs :
Dreamwalker is a damn good song !!!
Chris quoted 84 / 100
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