Shakra - Power Ride
Point Music
Melodic Hard Rock
13 songs (47'30)
Release year: 2001
Shakra, Point Music
Reviewed by Danny
Album of the month

Previous Shakra's Moving Force was already a melodic hard rock thunder strike. Moving Force was a must and as this Power Ride is two hundred times better, I am wondering what more can I tell you to immediately invest in what I call the best melodic hard rock release of this year. A buy or die record, a masterpiece !!!

As my brother Chris says, the singer plays always a important role in a band and when you have the feeling to hear Bonfire'singer and Alice Cooper at the same time, it simply leaves you speechless. Of course, without good songs, singers are quickly forgotten, but here there is no weak track. In fact there is 13 songs, 13 hits. When you know that the Swiss Hard Rock gods have entered the Swiss Album Charts with their new album at the 64th position within the first week, trust me, this is quite a performance.

First song, Why Don't You Call Me, is simply amazing with its melodic chorus and has this typical Swiss hard rock trade mark (Crystal Ball, Gotthard). Watching You is already the hit of Power Ride, while The Sun Will Shine will remind you Gotthard's ballads at its best, without forgetting the most important feeling of Power Ride : an unbelievable AC/DC touch, in fact like Krokus (another well known Swiss band) was playing in the 80's with a brand new sound, a perfect production.

If you are a fan of Gotthard, Crystal Ball or Krokus, don't miss this Power Ride, because this record must be in your metal collection as soon as possible ... or don't be surprised if your friends will be laughing at you saying : "You are missing the best melodic hard rock release of 2001 !!!"

Killing Songs :
The whole RIDE !!!!!!!!!!
Danny quoted 96 / 100
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