Gwar - Bloody Pit of Horror
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Release year: 2010
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Gwar is back!!! I may be a huge fanboy, but they are also undoubtedly extremely talented musicians with great songwriting skill. As my fiancee drove her car to the mall, I eagerly fidgeted in my seat like a child waiting for recess. I was getting the new Gwar record!!! I pulled out my phone and looked up all the new information about the album, including some hokey reviews from some disreputable sites. One review which I read explained that they reverted back to their early days, wishing to rip your head off once again. Is the progressivism gone? No. Is the songwriting childish? Nah. Is this Gwar's heaviest album? Hell fucking yeah it is!!!

This is Bloody Pit of Horror an album that features more primitive songwriting, the heaviest guitar work, and arguably the most offensive lyrics ever penned by legend Oderus Urungus. To be honest, I feel like this is what Scumdogs of the Universe would sound like in the event that it was written today. Oderus' lyrics cover the subjects of sex, genocide, and of course the one or two gruesome songs involving some truly icky lyrics. So, is this as good as Lust in Space or Beyond Hell ? I doubt it will be this way for many Gwar fans. However, I dispute the notion that these three most recent works can be compared. It is not that Bloody Pit of Horror was rushed or any worse than the aforementioned albums, it is just different. This would be like comparing Carnival of Chaos to War Party. They are two totally different sounds, each featuring enjoyable music. There are still moments where Flattus Maximus lets loose and shreds till your speakers die off, and Balsac's rhythm guitar is a strength here.

Anyways, the album starts off with the single. Being an experienced Bohab, seeing Gwar several times, it is safe to say that they know how to construct a set list. Gwar always emerge with a solid and fast song to whip the ravenous fans into a frenzy for the next few hours until their trip wears off. This album is no different. Zombies, March! opens the gates for the extraterrestrial madmen. This begins the first four tracks; featuring this sensationally br00tal first track, a brief interlude, and a two part song which all comprises a miniature concept story that could easily be the soundtrack to a Bruce Campbell movie. What is this I hear? 7 string guitars? This is new ground to be traversed. Yes, Zombies, March! features some chunky, wholesome riffs capable of winning over devoted Death Metal fans.

From the first track, you can tell that Gwar at least have temporarily abandoned their increasingly progressive musicianship. An example being the frequent presence of 6/8 timing (which I believe they used. I am a good musician, but I have no formal training, so correct me if need be.) And went for a straightforward butchery of the airwaves. Of course, Gwar treaded dangerous ground when they decided to make the first four tracks a concept story. Especially because the two part A Gathering of Ghouls/A Storm is Coming is fantastic. Once this short zombie epic finishes off, there could be a very easy chance of a letdown. This is why no band puts all their fast adrenaline shot stuff in the first 5 tracks. However, there was no such buzz kill. In fact, a great idea was to insert a track with Beefcake the Mighty on vocals. This always adds a fresh take on the album. Songs like Crush Kill Destroy and others like it are always great. Beefcake features on Beat You to Death , a particularly violent song. Later on, Oderus retakes the helm and rightfully does so as he rounds off what possibly is his heaviest vocal performance. Never before have I heard such urgency in his voice.

But, out of all the shredderific solos, great guitar sound, experimental use of 7 strings, and full bass sound to accompany increasingly vile vocals, the best part of 21st century Gwar is the drum performance. Jizmak Da Gusha has been the skin beater for some time now. Imagine how difficult it must be to play live with all that foam gear on. Whether getting the arm around the fretboard or to roll around the toms, Oderus must have a blast with all that freedom. Listen to an album like Scumdogs, and listen to everything from War Party on. This guy blows everyone else out of the water that has ever played for Gwar.

So, is this any better or any worse than what they have conjured recently? Yes, and no. This album was written for a different reason. They surely will play most of it live. It will prove to be a great album for live sets, but if I want a little giddy up in my right foot when driving in traffic, I'll go to their previous 21st Century works. This is a great album, definitely worth the $9.99 I got it for. It does not beat out Beyond Hell for my favorite, but what it does beat is your head into submission. In the slightly augmented words of American legend Antoine Dodson: "Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husbands, because Gwar is rapin everyone out here."

Killing Songs :
Zombies, March!, A Gathering of Ghouls/A Storm is Coming, Sick and TwistedHail Genocide, KZ Necromancer, Beat You to Death,
Tony quoted 87 / 100
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