Razorwyre - Coming Out
Heavy Metal
5 songs (22:56)
Release year: 2010
Reviewed by Crash
Mmm... Heavy metal...Here comes a demo my way called Coming Out by New Zealand’s Razorwyre. A quick look at their Myspage page reveals exactly what I thought: a bunch of kids wishing they could live in the glory days of the 80’s where big hair meant big junk and high tops were fashionable. In a way, I’m ok with this. After all, we already have been swarmed with the hordes of thrash acts in the past few years and our hair metal bands are being parodied by others, but we get very few “true” metal bands, bands that think of Accept and Anvil when they think of classics.

They play a very basic kind of heavy metal, the kind of metal that you can’t put “neoclassical” or “jazz” or anything else. There is absolutely nothing here to try and civilize, this is stupid and drunken heavy metal the way it used to be. The first batch of songs complete the first batch of metal clichés: Talking about how awesome you are and how you could kick everyone’s ass. Party of Five kicks off with a good old fashioned stomp riff reminiscent of any thrash band ever. The music never gets boring, but never strays out of the normal thrash metal comfort zone. Luckily, some color shows in the end with a sing along chorus that’ll turn the head of any Iron Maiden fan. The next song is the daftly named Fuck You Tonight which has a chorus that reminds me too greatly of Spinal Tap’s Tonight I’m gonna Rock ya Tonight. I usually have no problem getting over the naïve sleazocity of these kind of bands, but in this case it is quite laughable. Nothing like hearing a bunch of white kids talk about how much pussy they get. Suddenly I feel like I am in high school. I do not know if I should feel disgusted or nostalgic. The guitars also leave little to be desired, but luckily never stray into material too tech to pull off. They do their job.

Regardless, the banality is picked up through the rest of the record, which takes on a more traditional approach. Operation Market Garden is easily the best song on the record, giving me a similar feeling to one of the classic Priest records. Fuck yeah, I can get used to this. Suspiria brings more cheesy metal goodness with great riffage and wailing vocals. Frontman Z Chylde apparently wants to emulate all of his metal heroes and taking up a different style in each song. He starts to try passing off as Dickenson or Halford and his voice isn’t always up to snuff. He does take a turn with the Anvil like Battleshark. With a name that goofy I can’t help but laugh and nod my head with it. This band would be killer live. Not necessarily because they would put on a good show or because they would mesmerize me with their technical skills, but because they would be just so happy to be playing.

Killing Songs :
Operation Market Garden, Suspiria
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