As We Draw - Lines Breaking Circles
Throatruiner Records
Post Hardcore/Metal
9 songs (37:28)
Release year: 2010
Reviewed by Jaime
Aggressive and raw and slightly rough around the edges. Just the way I'd expect any good band with some sort of hardcore slant to be. French trio As We Draw make a fine stab at it by mixing that vicious essence with some of the more climactic rushes you'd expect from post rock/metal bands, eschewing the long winded gradual build ups to go full bore from riff to massive riff. Not only that, but instead of having sections that just move from one into the other the band have songs, songs that pull you in immediately instead of gradually lulling you in. Take the likes of the opener Shame and Shield that showcase the band with their bass and rhythm heavy tracks that ensure that you feel the groove and hit of everything that's going on, or the slightly (and I mean slightly) more subdued Burst of Colour that has shades of early Cult of Luna running through it with those grandiose riffs bobbing in and out, the bass leading the track then pulling out for the vocals to bellow over a monumental wall of noise only for everything to go quiet and allow the guitars to quietly, gradually lead in that final push towards the crushing end of the track. To make another Cult of Luna comparison, the instrumental track When The Crowds Are Trapped... The Lonely One Dies gives me the same sort of feeling that I get from Luna's Dark Side of The Sun from their self-titled album. The tracks do sound very different, but they do the same thing, create that colossal sense of depth that leads into the following track.

As We Draw do the slow, sludgy crawl as well as the do in their faster tracks, with Drowned In Flames throwing aural filth everywhere with that low end chug topped with the screeching guitars and vocals, and little dub reverb, but the way that it just goes into Draft, the following track, is nothing short of extraordinary. You'd be forgiven for thinking that they just split up the one four or five minute track with the way they flow. Finally there's Scum Of The Earth, another slower, slightly sludgy track that is somewhat laid back compared to the rest that grinds down to an ambient noisy halt.

If you like this sort of stuff, or anything slightly noisy, sludgy or heavy, then give this a spin. It's free so you've real complaints about not trying it at least. It sounds massive, and the band make the most of being a three piece without losing anything in depth or sound compared to slightly more expansive ensembles. You can find it to stream, download (for free) and buy (donation/pay what you want) here.
Killing Songs :
It's all good!
Jaime quoted 88 / 100
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