Ivory Tower - Beyond The Stars
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Prog. Metal
10 songs (72'47)
Release year: 2000
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Reviewed by Chris
Surprise of the month
Ivory Tower are back. Although I didn't like their first release that much, this one is starting very well ! Did we find a new Dream Theater ??? That's what the first song would suggest with typical DT riffs and vocal parts. The solo is original and magnificent on this excellent song called : Silence. The first song is a killer prog metal song that will please every prog. metal fans and even others. Now the question is will the album be able to stand this level all along ? Extremely anxious about the second track... it starts differently but soon the Dream Theater like touch is back... wow ! The firsts songs really reminds me of Images & Words album. Chorus is very nice and so is the overall musical ambiance of this very good second songs called Secret In Me.. Third track is the "long" song of this record with almost 12 minutes ! Being a huge Dream Theater fan I really appreciate the songs up til now and third song is no exception, a very nice prog song. The rest of the album keeps on going very nicely and I'm really astonished by Ivory Tower's second album ! They really made a big step up to my opinion. The second part of the album is pretty good, although I really think the strongpoint of this album is the 3 firsts songs, don't misunderstand me, the rest holds many surprises as well, like Beyond The Stars for exemple. So this album is definitely a good surprise ! Dream Theater fans and other prog fans can blindly buy this one. Thumbs up !
Killing Songs :
Silence, Secret In Me, Foreboding & Beyond The Stars
Chris quoted 85 / 100
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