Impiety - Formidonis Nex Cultus
Agonia Records
9 songs (36:42)
Release year: 2007
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Reviewed by Mountainman
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It's as if every blasting piece of black metal has to have that one anthemic intro to herald the imminent arrival of the impending devastation. Formidonis Nexus Cultus as any Impiety album is a hate-filled assault riddling the corpse of the Nazarene with bullet holes, and the speed and tempo is everything you’d expect with the constant thrashing. The intro riffs happen to more aggressive than Paramount evil as evidenced by Terror-Death-Worship, the constant tempo changes in Genocidio Primero are also as furious as the tremolo breaks allow. The album being another solid addition to one of black/death metal’s most longstanding acts, and the coverart is one of their plainest I’ve seen.

The second half of “Terror-Death-Worship” closes on what is some of the focused riffing I adore from the band, and the buildup intro of B.O.A.R is another moment before descending into the bedlam of blast beats and Shaiythan’s demonic vocals. The riffing in B.O.A.R is emblematic of the creative differences between Paramount Evil and this album, as the riffing is far more aggressive overall with tempo changes that smash inbetween blast beats. The riffing even takes a crunchy tone with a heavier chugging moment in Escalate the Pestilence, along with a solo in First Genocide which is rare in this niche of black/death metal. Vomit Jehovah Vomit as well is purely an old-school riff in the vein of the Teutonic thrash scene, that is before it becomes the trademark Impiety song and after the screechingly brief solo.

Shaiythan’s vocals as always are one of the best moments on the album, whether he’s puffing up smoke in First Genocide or screaming his lungs out in Vomit Jehovah Vomit. In contrast to Paramount Evil his voice is much louder and sounds less that album and more as if he genuinely wants you, the listener, dead. During the chorus of Vomit Jehovan Vomit he screams most unholy and he even does the usual “yuck” vocal transition techniques. In Aten… Once Upon which is slower and even has a bit of melody in it, his delivery slows down to a marching beat and he is completely audible.

The drums as always blast from song to song and his standout performance is in The Blitzkrieg Omega, where he switches dexterously from blasts to constant fills. Terror-Death-Worship is notable as well with the constant fills in the middle of the song, and he’s clearly aiming more for devastating you than the diversified performance on Paramount Evil. The middle section of Terror-Death-Worship and B.O.A.R are also incredibly laden with speedy blasts; it’s a wonder how the guy can keep up with the tempo. Its his usual performance though with a noted ambition to kill the listener, making Impiety a conscious effort to reduce their fanbase to zero with every album .

The album is well-produced and is very easy to listen to unlike Asateerul Awaleen , which is another great album for the band. It’s more aggressive than Paramount Evil, which is hard to accomplish as that album was visceral as well, and there isn’t too much more to say other than I need to get on to reviewing the band’s latest. Pick this album up if you want a trademark example of blackened death metal, or are a completist for the band who somehow never got ahold of this album before.

Killing Songs :
Terror-Death-Worship, B.O.A.R, Vomit Jehovah Vomit
Mountainman quoted 80 / 100
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