Witchery - Symphony For The Devil
Music For Nations
Heavy / Black
12 songs (46'50)
Release year: 2001
Music For Nations
Reviewed by Danny
Album of the month

Aaaahhh this band is simply unbelievable. I like to compare Witchery to Iron Maiden. Not that their music is similar to the great iron girl, not at all. Witchery reminds me Iron Maiden because they are innovative, they try to open new new paths, they are inspired by the old generation and they create their own thing. By the way, this Symphony Of The Devil is the first Witchery's record for their new label, Music For Nations.

Songs like None Buried Deeper or The Storm, both songs reminding you Black Sabbath and Accept are already classics. I have more than 2'000 Cds and except Witchery, nobody has ever been able to recreate the spirit of Accept (Fast As A Shark, Restless And Wild, ...) and if you listen to song number 8, Wicked, you might understand why I am refer to Accept.

Yes, Witchery is a kind of Accept "à la" black metal (vocals) and their wonderful "sharky" riffs are coming straight from the 80's. Witchery rules with Symphony Of The Devil (third album). If you still don't know this band, you can invest in their three previous records (2 CDs & 1 MCD), because all Witchery's records kill and kick asses.

Make the "W" and let your soul embrace this Symphony For The Devil.

Killing Songs :
The whole "devilish symphony", hahahahahaha.....
Danny quoted 90 / 100
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