Sodom - M16
Masterpiece of Thrash Metal
11 songs (49'00)
Release year: 2001
Sodom, SPV
Reviewed by Paul
Major event

Sodom celebrate this year their 20 years of existence: 20 years of Sodomy and Lust. So happy beers' day Sodom, cheers and prost with a Diebels Alt (Tom Angelripper's fave beer). Seen as the German answer by the time to Venom and Motörhead what an honor for the band to play after Wacken's headliner' s from this year with a great performance and show by the way. Let's get straight to the point Sodom are staying true to their roots and became one of the best thrash band of the world. Despite their changes of personal they've never split up.

M16 is a concept album relating tales of the war in Vietnam and its sad consequences, without any political position. It is just that Tom (Desperados, Onkel Tom) likes weapons, military clothes and war movies like Full Metal Jacket. But the band took this subject only because of its brutality and cuz' it goes with their kind of music. So this had to be said.

This album goes straight in the line of its predecessors and even better with great technical breaks and combinations alike Slayer's Reign In Blood. Just when your hear the great intro of Among The Weirdcong you know this is gonna be great stuff. The second song I Am The War is pretty close to Slayer's War Ensemble. Anyway every single song of M16 is like a bullet that never misses its target.

So this is with Tapping The Veins or even Get What You Deserve one of the bands greatest opus from far. So even after 20 years of thrash and devotion to their fans (like me from the start!!!!!!!!). Sodom is delivering a great performance here.

Killing Songs :
No bloody weak song on this loaded weapon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul quoted 97 / 100
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