Pariso - Sooner Insignificant Better
Throatruiner Records
7 songs (12:29)
Release year: 2011
Reviewed by Jaime
Londoners Pariso are pretty fucking angry. How angry? Twelve and a half minutes of angry. This is filthy sounding stuff, taking the short vicious stabs associated with grindcore bands, giving it a rinse though a hardcore production and vocals to produce something that will just tear at your face. From the brooding Intro (an intro track for the less observant amongst you) which leads into the arse ripping Solitude to the bouncy and grimy Fevered Egos and Birds which allow that hardcore influence to seep through some more while Mystifier has a slightly more sludgy turn. Hell, the intro of House of Squalor would give some black metal bands a lesson on how to do an evil sounding riff, while closing track Lonqvist's stark statement of: "All my heroes have failed me, and they'll fucking fail you too" just hammers home the point of how pissed off these gentlemen happen to be. The production's grit does the band a great service in that regard as well. They remind me a bit of Celeste, but dropping their longer, brooding moments for a short, full on assault.

Essentially you should go get this. It's available for free download here so you've no excuse. Go fetch.
Killing Songs :
Oh, the lot of it
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