Eternal Gray - Your Gods, My Enemies
Season Of Mist
Death Metal
9 songs (37:39)
Release year: 2011
Eternal Gray, Season Of Mist
Reviewed by Khelek

I've been pretty hard-pressed to find some really good death metal this year and I was quite surprised by this relatively unknown group. Eternal Gray hails from Israel, a place not known for its metal, but a place where this band has been able to make their mark. Their sound is centered primarily around death metal and the technical ability of the musicians. There are a lot of very heavy, aggressive riffs and harsh growls. However, they are not without a sense of melody in their leads and solos.

Lost Control starts things off with a foreboding lead and quick drums. The growls of frontman Oren Balbus are pretty standard for death metal, and the riffs are powerful. Controlled is a bit faster, with some more technicality showing through in the guitars. It's music that is very energetic and fun to listen to. Desolate The Weak I found to be very enjoyable as I was working, and it's definitely good music to have on while playing violent video games. Inner Anger is pretty fast, but unfortunately is not terribly interesting. The same chords are repeated over and over again and it lacks the intense soloing and originality of the previous songs. I like the more melancholy, dark melodic lead guitar in the title track. Some more melodic guitars can also be heard later in the song, and the soloing is quite excellent as well. However the guitar sound is starting to get a bit old. The disortion is the same type of sound that can be heard in a lot of modern grindcore and metalcore, and personally I think it's overused. Unlabeled starts off fast and mean, but creates a more foreboding, desolate atmospheric interlude which is quite good, and the guitars keep things very heavy indeed. Blind Messiah takes the foreboding atmosphere a step further, using it to start the song and then punching through with the guitars.

This is certainly an album that shows off the hard work and dedication of an accomplished death metal band. Your Gods, My Enemies is an album for anyone who likes dark death metal with a sense of technicality and complexity. Hopefully these guys will continue to concentrate on promoting their new material and get their name out there. They clearly have the ability to write great extreme music.

Killing Songs :
Lost Control, Desolate The Weak, Unlabeled
Khelek quoted 74 / 100
Alex quoted 66 / 100
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