Vendetta - Go and Live... Stay and Die
Noise Records
Thrash Metal
7 songs (37:38)
Release year: 1987
Vendetta, Noise Records
Reviewed by Thomas
Archive review

Vendetta released maybe the most underrated, and possibly the very best thrash back in the eighties. Brain Damage has evolved into something of a cult classic in the underground thrash scene and has aged extremely well given the circumstances of the actual release. It’s widely acknowledged as a record ahead of its time, and an album that brought gallons of fresh blood to the genre. This on the other hand is their debut. It’s dirtier, more aggressive, sloppier, a bit heavier and more unpolished than its glory-stealing (and rightly so) descendant. Don’t let the opening statement of this review fool you however, even if Brain Damage is the essential starting point, it doesn’t mean that you should skip this. Go and live… Stay and die provides a blistering build-up to the climax that is its successor, filled to the brink with raw, uncompromising attitude that will pound your face nice and bloody proclaiming power and full speed ahead.

Suicidal Lunacy starts out aptly with a hurricane of kamikaze-riffs that will strip flesh from bone. It blitzes its way through any obstruction with razor sharp guitar-work, hoarse, accented, yet lovely shouts and incredible drumming reminiscent of early Slayer. The bass dwells high in the mix, packing a forceful punch in the gut, powering up the song (and every other song) considerably. The title-track continues in the same vein, signaling what is to come with Brain Damage as it is extremely well written and seem a bit more deliberate than the rest. The real insanity however, picks up with the shape-shifting System of Death. It starts out calmly; almost tranquil, flowing through some jazzy parts before it shreds your face off with melting speed and neck-wrecking, sickening (in a good way) twists. The lead guitar work is spot on, sloppy and blazing and Daxx is furious as a hellhound on the hunt for mortal souls. Drugs and Corruption injects more crazy before one definite highlight, Revolution Command grabs the wheel and steers everything into utter chaos.

The last part of the album is arguably the best and as the aforementioned Revolution Command leads the way you’ll get drawn into the chaotic, fiery world of Gomorrah. The three final songs of the album are major beasts, tearing everything violently apart. With battering power, ruthless speed and vile viciousness, On the Road delivers a solid kick in the face, providing a nice foundation for what is to come, namely And the Brave Man Fails. A monster of a song, pure thrash metal perfection. It’s fast, violent, full of great riffs and awesome licks, ass-kicking melodies, blazing drums and evil shouts. It’s the perfect death strike, ending a great album full of juicy, bloody meat to bite into.

There are little downsides to this one. Sure, this isn’t as good as Brain Damage. It’s neither as well-written nor deliberate and the overall quality is lower on most songs. However, this is still pure, backbreaking thrash metal that few have done better and most have, sadly, overlooked. Do yourself a favor and check out this band and this album in particular. It contains everything you want from a thrash band and a little extra. Fuckin’ awesome.

Killing Songs :
All of them but in particular Go and Live... Stay and Die, System of Death, Revolution Command, On the Road, And the Brave Man Fails
Thomas quoted 86 / 100
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