Zealotry - A World In Decay
A New Door For Metal
10 songs (44'44)
Release year: 2001
Reviewed by Danny
Surprise of the month

The digital keyboard is making "bips", a computer voice start its speech and the show can start.

Zealotry is playing a very strange metal, at the border of space metal, thrash metal and hardcore. The keyboard is perfectly used and I am really impressed by the song-writing. The extra elements (sounds & sample) are cleverly implemented and these sounds add another dimension to Zealotry's music. Between you and me, the first band that came to my mind was Pink Floyd (The Wall), even though Zealotry is much more heavy and its primitive spirit belongs to the metal scene.

First track is over (X-Angels, a wonderful song) and the identity of Zeolotry becomes more evident on track number two , The Canmanshow, where Simple Minds has eaten some Judas Priest pills. No more doubts on track three, this band is full of fucking great talent. Apart Tool, there are no bands who can produced this type of music. Here, this is not the aggression or the violence which is interesting, this is the structure and the external element combined together which makes this World Of Decay unique and wonderful. Psychedelic metal !!! And I could also mention Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Type O Negative, Paradise Lost ...

The bad point is the production (self production). I hope labels will jump on this band, because if their talent is merged with a talented producer, Zealotry will become enormous. A least these guys play a new type of music, fresh and out of fashion.

A journey should always start with new ideas. You can hate this type of music or you can fall in love, but Zealotry is not only a new idea, it is a New Door For Metal.

Killing Songs :
The whole concept (if only the prod' was a bit better).
Danny quoted 79 / 100
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