Bathory - Destroyer Of Worlds
Black Mark
Black - Viking Metal
13 songs (66'00)
Release year: 2001
Bathory, Black Mark
Reviewed by Paul
Major event

13 albums in 18 years that is not only what Bathory is about, it also became a big reference in Black Metal and Viking Metal. This genre was almost invented by Quorthon, the leader of the band in the 80's. At that time, the most extreme bands were called Motörhead, Venom and Hellhammer. Quorthon pushed it all a bit further and influenced most actual bands of the Scandinavian extreme scene.

Bathory is coming back after a long break, after having discussed with his fans how they really wanted this album to sound like. Quorthon seems to be open minded and close enough to his fans. He started a songwriting in a progressive direction and changed his mind and concept of the album just for his fans.

The band has been into black metal a long time and into speed & thrash with albums like Requiem and Octagon. But with Destroyer Of Worlds, it is more like a return to the origins of Bathory's debut style: Viking Metal. Quorton wanted to be closer to the spirit of albums like the 3 albums in line: Blood-Fire-Death, Hammerheart and Twilight Of The Gods.

The production is as always against everything what could be commercial and to be as close as possible to its spirit from the start. By the way, I think Quorthon is a good songwriter, a good guitar player maybe, but certainly not a good singer !!! His art of singing sounds sometimes very close to the basic rock'n'roll roots.

Anyway Bathory is cult and everyone into Black or Viking Metal scene respects this band. And Destroyer Of Worlds was very expected in this scene ..

Killing Songs :
Lake Of Fire, Destroyer Of Worlds
Paul quoted 76 / 100
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