Serpenthia - Beyond
Dark/Black Metal
6 songs (38:00)
Release year: 2012
Reviewed by Aleksie
This particular Finnish dark/black metal troupe has some established history behind it, already celebrating their 10th anniversary earlier this year. Beyond, their 5th self-released opus, is actually the celebratory release of that milestone. I guess puritans could have a field day whether Serpenthia at this point are dark metal, blackened this or that with proggy influences or what have you, but it all boils into a very skilled mixture. The guys themselves call this still “just” an EP but clocking in at 38 minutes, some 80s metal classics might like to have a word with that.

The piano interludes exude some vibes from classical composers. Potent riffage all around. The rhythmic patterns have been well thought out to fit the herky jerky moments. Melodies have not been forgotten by any means. On the microphone, singer Damriel takes care of the scraggly shouts and occasional growls with gusto.

Song-wise, we have a wealth of versatility. The Spectre and Tragedy put the wrists of each player to the test in serious fashion. Them isn’t musically exactly King Diamond, but the vibe brought in by the name is delightfully replicated as the atmosphere gets appropriately spooky. The album’s closer, the 11-minute The Fall (Deception pt 2) shows, that the group’s ambition can catch up with their skills.

Overall, Serpenthia’s Beyond is a very nicely crafted onslaught that is not even lacking in the production department. Exceedingly admirable stuff for a self-produced record. Oy labels, come and take a deep listen already!
Killing Songs :
The Spectre, Nightbringer, Them & The Fall (Deception pt 2)
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