Kamelot - Fourth Legacy
Noise Records
Melodic Heavy Metal
12 songs (28'25)
Release year: 2000
Kamelot, Noise Records
Reviewed by Chris

Here comes another killer (what a world :) ), and the second I saw the art cover I wanted to buy this album : great job on artwork ! But let's talk about the album shall we... Fourth Legacy is the logical continuation of Siege Perillous which is already a great album (and stays my favorite so far), perhaps it's more heavy metal than true metal this time , and that's not a bad thing cause some might be starting to feel sick and tired of all the true metal wave coming on, but personnaly I like heavy metal when it sounds so damn good. The songs are pretty original, with an arabic touch on some of them which is a first and adds another dimension to the songs... that actually proves that you can do whatever you want with Heavy Metal... So this album brings atmosphere in your mind while you're listening to it ... there is however 2 or 3 good true metal songs. The voice of the singer is very smooth, the perfect voice for the overall tone of the record and production is impeccable. This album is definitely the most mature Kamelot ever made (technically and original as well), very good !!

Killing Songs :
The Fourth Legacy, Nights Of Arabia, Until Kingdom Come
Chris quoted 85 / 100
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