Shitler - KP EP
Crossover Thrash
10 songs (16:43)
Release year: 2012
Reviewed by Aleksie
As I’m confident many of you can deduct from the combo of this Finnish band’s name and the EP’s cover art, we’re not exactly dealing with any hardcore national socialists here. No matter what the initial connotation. Shitler has their minimalistic indie rocking with light trip hop influences down to pat quite well. And if you believed a word of that particular sentence, you’ll probably think tits on a bull is a good idea as well.

So in all seriousness, the KP EP contains many fast-paced doses of some good ol’ crossover thrashiness. Maybe leaning a little more to the hardcore side of things (so yeah, we are dealing with some kind of hardcore after all) , but that Slayer-style thrashing is strong in this one too. Punk is a prevalent building block as well. The overall playing here is just as unhinged and semi-focused as you’d expect. Whatever screaming and shouting is caught by the mic, works. The riffs and driving D-beats support the overall vibe very nicely.

In terms of the songs, one might dismiss the craftsmanship here as merely lousy humour. With song titles like Pimeyden Prinssinakki (Weiner of Darkness) Jägerpaska (Jägershit), that’s an easy total assumption to make. Observed more closely though, tunes such as Supermusaa (Supermusic) and Kingin Kuraa (King’s Crap) dish out some poignant criticism at the conventions of the very musical genres and (un)holy representatives that bands like Shitler hold close as predecessors. It is clear that these guys bow down in no direction and just spit their, well, shit without delay. I’ve heard of worse philosophies, that's for sure.

As far as the production goes, it’s as raw as you’d think but then again, nothing is out of balance either. Very fitting for the style. All in all, Shitler’s KP EP will win no awards for hi-fi mastery but provides a very adequate soundtrack for evenings of moonshine-binges. The whole EP is listenable at their website linked above so should you be interested, head on over.
Killing Songs :
Intro/Supermusaa, Eritteiden Ydinsota, Teijän Keittiössä & Kingin Kuraa
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