The Flight of Sleipnir - Saga
Eyes Like Snow
Folk Doom
12 songs (01:00:32)
Release year: 2013
Eyes Like Snow
Reviewed by Koeppe

The Flight of Sleipnir popped up on my radar after 2011’s Essence of Nine, a melodic and rather uplifting spin on the traditional doom sound that embraces folk elements that one might expect to hear in Agalloch’s brand of blackened folk. Take elements from the aforementioned Cascadians, raspy vocals contrasted with clean singing over top folk melodies, and mold them into the shape of mid-era Baroness’ characteristically Southern prog folk sound and you might be close to what Flight of Sleipnir sounds like.

Saga loses some of that stoner progginess that Essence simply oozed, instead opting for more of an emphasis on the folk elements in their sound. This particular development in their sound I would describe as reminiscent of the pace of a simple acoustic album albeit of the style of a modern Viking doom metal album. The album contains so much contrast that each listen really exhibits anew characteristic. More serene moments are reflected in the clean vocals, the acoustic strumming and the melodic guitar leads juxtaposed against bellowing deep growls and raspy black metal vocals.

The album has great riffs that simply hook you from the first listen and moments like on Demise Carries With It A Song, perfectly blend the simplicity of an acoustic riff with the epic nature of the sound these guys work to create here. A catchy riff and drums build up pace till they cut out into an odd audio sample that drops into an acoustic riff and melodious chanting. The guitarwork on this album is simply incredible, from riffs that grip you to absolutely transcendent solos. There is not a moment on the album that the guitars could ever be deemed weak.

Fans of traditional doom albums should check this out. It is an entirely original variation on that classic tone and Listen to and purchase the new album here.

Killing Songs :
Demise Carries With It A Song, Heavy Rests the Chains of the Damned, Reverence, Beneath Red Skies
Koeppe quoted 83 / 100
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