Emigrate - Emigrate
Motor Music
11 songs (44'47'')
Release year: 2007
Motor Music
Reviewed by Jared
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The other day I came to a rather disappointing realization. I am very discontent over the fact that there might be a slim chance that I will not be able to review a Rammstein album. I have to give credit to Rammstein for being the sole reason I began to listen to metal and all music that rocks hard. So when it came for me to decide to write something this week I was a bit low-spirited to know that the chance to be able to review one of their albums might be an impossible thing in my future. I could only come up with the next best thing, which was Richard Z Kruspe’s album Emigrate. Between Reise, Reise and Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da, Richard was living in New York and busy working on his first solo project away from the band. Emigrate came at a great surprise. However, I was a bit worried that this meant Richard may be leaving the band. That rumor was immediately found to not be true. An image of him absent to crowds of thousands along with his band-mates (now over 15 years) was something I couldn’t take lightly if it were to be true.

First and foremost, if you decide to jump into this music with the mind-set that it will be sounding exactly like a Rammstein album you will end up being disappointed. The album does have that industrial metal feeling but combines with a merging of rock. Also, there’s not a single German lyric to be heard. The entire album is sung in English, as Richard is the best-spoken of the band Rammstein, so it only seems appropriate for him to choose to do so. Emigrate is a bit more easy-listening. In my experience this album is more approachable to a wider audience. My girlfriend back in high school even expressed some slight interest which completely took me by disbelief.

Richard’s singing is very calm and relaxed overall. I have to say it works very well in every song. The choruses are appealing as well as the guitar riffs played. Richard brings that legendary Rammstein distorted sound to the blend and executes every riff faultlessly, just as he’s always done with Rammstein. After recently buying his software kit Rammfire for my recording purposes, I’ve never been more excited to play around with some of his signature tones. With Emigrate, he was also able to expand more upon those tones especially in terms of soloing. Let’s face it, the only memorable solo from Rammstein that many will refer to comes from the song Links 2 3 4. Richard is able to spread his wings a bit more with Emigrate and has some pretty striking performances when he finally dishes out what he can do along the neck of the guitar. Most of the soloing is a very calm rock oriented style, but they were very enjoyable to listen to.

In My Tears has a very familiar riff inside it. After a brief slow introduction it jumps into the main riff which sounds extraordinarily similar to Rammstein’s Stein Um Stein. Probably responsible and fully credited for the creation of that riff, Richard adds it very well within the song. At any point on the album that will sound in comparison to Rammstein, it can be found here. It also begs to question if Emigrate contains any “Flake” keyboard moments. This is not to be heard much anywhere. Most songs are only coated with a few sampling sounds but the entirety of the music relies heavily on the guitar playing and on the man himself.

Rammstein fans should be quick to like this album. I was a bit worried over the outcome of this album upon finalization but it definitely helped with my impatience I had waiting for another Rammstein record. With the arrival of Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da, it came just in time for me. Also with my dreams of seeing Rammstein live for the first time also came to fruition. Making the metal pilgrimage in to Chicago with my friend Jordan was a huge highlight for me back in 2011. One year later when they came to Cleveland for the Made In Germany tour I was even more satisfied due in part to how close I was able to get to my favorite band. Of course I was also able to come to the conclusion that I would never see anything more spectacular after that night for the rest of my life. Even my father who I brought along couldn’t come to terms of how outstanding of performers Rammstein really are. However, it may be soon when Rammstein finally decides to call it quits, but I have high hopes that they will tour North America at least one more time. I have to make the effort to thank them for bringing their live performances to the United States. As many of us here and fans around the world, we greatly appreciate their devotion to the fans.

It is rumored that Richard’s next project will be darker than Emigrate. As always, I look forward to hearing it in the near future. For someone whose sort of been part of a so called “marriage” with his fellow Rammstein members, I doubt to see Richard’s marriage to music end anytime soon even after Rammstein finally douses the hefty flame they lit 18 years ago.

Killing Songs :
Emigrate, Let Me Break, In My Tears, Resolution, This Is What
Jared quoted 78 / 100
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