Six Feet Under - Unborn
Metal Blade
11 songs (36:01)
Release year: 2013
Six Feet Under, Metal Blade
Reviewed by Tony
Major event
Has it really been that long since the ‘90s? As I enter my mid-twenties and realize how long I’ve been listening to Metal (very early by many standards) I come to remember what my first exposure to Death Metal was. I was probably in the fifth grade, at the time only a few years removed from some of the greatest years in the genre. I was walking around Blockbuster Music aimlessly (yes, there was a time when Netflix did not rule the world, youngsters) and picking out the nastiest album cover I’ve ever seen and spinning it. The famous zombie cunnilingus image that defined the shock value for the politically maligned genre had my nine year old ears trembling at the grunted vocals by Chris Barnes. Having been sheltered all my life, this unknown sound scared the shit out of me.

Yet, with that same repulsion came a coming of age, as I instantly lost all innocence. My barrier to the macabre had been broken before my pubescent years. Long before I saw A Nightmare on Elm Street or my first porn film, I was spinning Chris Barnes. Following The Bleeding, which is my personal favorite Cannibal Corpse album, Barnes split to pursue more mid-paced, less frenetic Death Metal. The result was not as desirable, yet with some albums there yielded great results. Six Feet Under will never reach the lofty heights of Cannibal Corpse and will never crank anything out like Kill or Torture, but the differences in their sound at least made sense for Barnes. It wasn’t as if the creative discrepancies cited behind this velvet divorce were nonexistent. If one wishes to separate upon artistic bounds, at least make the next project discernible.

With Unborn we have a puzzling album (but don’t run!) that has its high’s and low’s. Six Feet Under are at their best when they play chunky riffs around heavy bass drumming at moderate paces. All of this chest pumping gore is perfect to complement the fathomless depths of the dreadlocked Barnes.

Since I’ve been so out of the loop save for the bands I follow religiously, I was unaware that this album was sort of a companion piece to last year’s Undead. If this one is similar in caliber to the previous, then I’d say it’s worth a go for Death Metal fans. Nothing here is perfect, but it’s heavy. Save for a few WTF moments where all I want is linear Death Metal with the ummph behind it that Six Feet Under are known for, Unborn passes as another link in a solid but unremarkable chain.

Killing Songs :
Zombie Blood Curse, Incision, Psychosis
Tony quoted 77 / 100
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