Intoxicated - Rock n Roll Hellpatrol
Hells Headbangers
Sleazy Punk/Metal Hybrid
9 songs (32'12")
Release year: 2013
Hells Headbangers
Reviewed by Alex
Surprise of the month

Putting an umlaut on top of the O in Intoxicated is an elegant touch for these German newcomers. The music the band plays, however, is anything but elegant. Obnoxious and loud, Intoxicated are full-on metal/punk sleazy hybrid. The university, located in the town where I live, recently held the first ever academic conference on metal with many "experts" piping in their pseudo (and not) opinions about various aspects of our beloved genre. There were a lot of old-looking dudes wearing Motörhead shirts at that gathering. Well, those dudes need to get them some Intoxicated pronto to feel a little younger, as I haven't heard such a good Motörhead worship as Rock’n Roll Hellpatrol in a while.

The music on the album may seem like it is careening out of control, but if you pay attention, there is always a quirky melody, a quirky twist amidst what is very cool guitar work. The sound is full-bodied grime and dirt, but edgy does not mean primitive for Intoxicated, and somehow I suspect there is actually some music experience and education with these Germans. Many a thrash band can borrow an idea or two from them. Slutanic Speed Metal has the best guitar bits for my liking, but all of these songs, the breakneck Suffering for Love, the cool shredding solo in Break Your Limits, have a standout guitar moment or two. Cymbals crush and slush like thin sheet metal, and bass gets in on the act in Slutanic Speed Metal as well. Louie’s voice is rugged, coarse and rough. Not entirely legible, you can feel the accent adding an extra level of flavor to the words, and when Louie has it on you would want to Lock Up Your Daughters indeed.

Speaking of which, Intoxicated live performance could be the one where if you are young you’d want to get you adventurous girlfriend to. As old as I am, and long past the girlfriend stage, thinking that someone’s girlfriend can actually be my daughter, I’d want her to stay away from Intoxicated, so realistic the band’s brand of punky rock’n’roll sounds. Consider that to be another compliment.

There isn’t much variety in Rock’n Roll Hellpatrol, but this type of music does not require much of it in the first place. All songs, down to the closer The Chase is Better than the Catch which is a little slower, are spit out with a single raucous breath, on a single adrenaline rush. Hells Headbangers know this sort of band very well, having also released Children of Technology and Denver’s Speedwolf. They have themselves a winner with Intoxicated.

Killing Songs :
Suffering for Love, Slutanic Speed Metal, Break Your Limits
Alex quoted 79 / 100
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