Children Of Bodom - Halo of Blood
Nuclear Blast
Melodic Death Metal
10 songs (41'40'')
Release year: 2013
Children Of Bodom, Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by Jared
Major event

After Children of Bodom’s attempt with Blooddrunk back in 2008, I was left with a pretty stale taste in my mouth. I was left with such disappointment that I completely skipped over their album Relentless Reckless Forever. To be honest, I had no clue they had released an album after Blooddrunk except for their latest Halo of Blood. Children of Bodom has always been known for massive keyboard and guitar solos in their past, but as time progressed and their sound evolved, it began to lose the potency like previous albums had such as Follow the Reaper, and my all-time favorite Children of Bodom album, Hatebreeder. Hate Crew Deathroll was still a great album, but lost a lot of the neoclassic metal sound, more importantly in the keyboard department focusing way more on guitar as the front runner. Halo of Blood feels a bit like they are revisting their roots at times, but still focusing on a heavy fashion in terms of song writing.

I have noticed that Children of Bodom have been strong in the fan department, but seem equally as hated. Whether you feel negative or positive about the band, these guys have always been able to play their instruments well, and I mean very well. Production wise, Peter Tägtgren (produced Follow the Reaper) comes back around for Halo of Blood being only the second time he’s sat in the production seat for the band. The album is produced very well and has been mixed with the best precision.

The first track Waste of Skin sounds a bit like a song you might hear off their debut album Something Wild. Alexi Laiho has some clever riffs and solos up his sleeves this time around, but the music has taken a turn for a darker approach at some intervals. The drummer, Jaska Raatikainen even described the album as being a little “black metal-ish” than other albums they have done. The track Halo of Blood, which is the most promoted track for the album, definitely feels along this line of influence but labeling it black metal would be absurd and ridiculous. Granted this album is dark with some riffs and keyboard sections, the album is still pretty aggressive for the majority of tracks. However the album is not anything revolutionary from the band nor is it something that will guarantee reunite fans of the old Children of Bodom. There is a strong possibility though, as my time with Halo of Blood was pretty positive during the entire length.

Bodom Blue Moon is more than likely one of my favored tracks because it has one of the most prominent heavy riffs Alexi has probably ever written. It’s crushing and left me feeling like the album was helping me to reestablish a stronger liking for the band once again. The album did throw one major curve ball into the mix with the song Dead Man’s Hand On You. Alexi’s vocals were clean, but integrating a dark and low tone. It’s one of the most unique offerings I’ve heard him attempt to do vocally. It relates pretty well to how Anders Fridén of In Flames approaches with his clean singing voice during an introduction to one of their songs from such works as Whoracle.

Children of Bodom still pack a mean punch. For fans of new and old Children of Bodom, this album may have something for everyone who is familiar with the band. Solos are spectacular, and there a lot more emphasis on the lead guitar riffing style which ultimately made me very satisfied. It’s easy to say that there will be plenty of haters just as well as many people who will come to really enjoy this album as much as I did. It still may not be their best; yet it will take many metal listeners by surprise.

Killing Songs :
Waste of Skin, Halo of Blood, Bodom Blue Moon, All Twisted, One Bottle And A Knee Deep
Jared quoted 82 / 100
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