Damnation Angels - Bringer of Light
Massacre Records
Symphonic Power Metal
10 songs (57:26)
Release year: 2013
Massacre Records
Reviewed by Cory

Bringer of Light, the debut album from Damnation Angels following 2009’s promising Shadow Symphony EP, is a good album. In fact at times it is a very good album injected with moments of greatness. It follows the Kamelot blazed trail of Symphonic Power Metal effectively, featuring strong clean vocals, memorable choruses, and atmosphere to spare. The lyrics are well written and discernable in the singing, the production is crisp, and the song Pride (The Warrior’s Way), in particular, has staked a claim as one of the best songs in the genre this year. Yes, Bringer of Light is a damn good album for the most part, but it is also a disappointing one.

First, and most noticeable, is a lack of interesting guitar riffs. The majority of the album leans heavily on the keys to provide the melodies, leaving the guitar to fill in with repetitive time keeping riffs, almost as if they are just there to inject the “metal” into the song. More leads would have served to alleviate this issue, but as it stands songs tend to get old quicker than they deserve. Secondly is the length of opener Longest Day of My Life and to a lesser extent Pride (The Warrior’s Way). Simply put, they run about four minutes too long respectively without introducing anything that merits the extra length, and therefore fade off into monotony. Finally, three of the tracks, including the standout title track, were re-mastered from the Shadow Symphony EP. Therefore a good chunk of the album feels re-hashed, not new. There is even a cover of Metallica’s No Leaf Clover, which really doesn’t do much to improve on an already weak song. Round that off with two short instrumental filler tracks, and I am left still craving new material.

Despite these complaints Bringer of Light is still worthy of those with an ear for Symphonic Power Metal. Length aside, Longest Day of My Life remains an engaging listen, Someone Else hits an anthemic sweat spot, and Pride (The Warrior’s Way) is a hell of a tune. The first outing for this young band is not a homerun by any stretch, but I remain optimistic that a bright future is still heading their way.

Killing Songs :
Bringer of Light and Pride (The Warrior's Way)
Cory quoted 70 / 100
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