Mammoth Grinder - Underworlds
Death Metal/Grindcore
10 songs (28'13")
Release year: 2013
Official Myspace, 20BuckSpin
Reviewed by Alex

Mammoth Grindercomes to us from the heart of Texas, but they may as well come from the heart of Sweden or from the heart of any country where death metal/grindcore is welcome. Underworlds is certainly not too long, under 30 min, but it hits you smashingly. I do listen to my music on the car ride to and from work, and the morning I put in Underworlds I surely did not any coffee, yet I was fully awake by the time Paragon Pusher was playing. It wasn’t even 10 min that the raucous, yet dense, mocking, and absolutely cantankerous album got to me.

There is a lot of punk attitude and background in Mammoth Grinder. How would you explain otherwise the ripping repeating riff on Revenge, and the solo that just plain lasers it in. Cogs in the Machine is faster still, a total breakneck, making chaos king. Layering the solo over the threnodious tremolo is the way to make things a touch more complex. Blowing the gasket off and exploding with emotions, like on a total brainfuck which is Born in a Bag, is not, however, the only thing that Mammoth Grinder can go. They are by far not a one trick pony, showing that they proceed in deliberate tempos (Roperide), have dense bass lines (Moral Crux) and basically grind and rope your guts out in multiple ways (Barricades, Moral Crux). And on top of that, no matter the punk (Revenge), no matter the sludge (Moral Crux), there is catchiness and Wolverine Blues death’n’roll lurking in background (Wraparound Eyes).

All of this is done in one single breath and has one single purpose. If albums like Underworlds last too long, they simply become boring. However, Mammoth Grinderhas just a right length, a short but powerful, burst of aggression in them. And they don’t even care much whether you come along for the ride.

Killing Songs :
Revenge, Cogs in a Machine, Wraparound Eyes
Alex quoted 75 / 100
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