Týr - Valkyrja
Metal Blade
Power/Viking Metal
13 songs (59'41'')
Release year: 2013
Týr, Metal Blade
Reviewed by Jared
Album of the year

Originating from the Faroe Islands, Týr is a band with a rather unique purpose. According to their front man Heri Joensen, the band's main musical focus is to tear down the walls that come between all metal genres. They are still very much an act that focuses heavily on Viking lore and Norse mythology (hence the name Týr, the Norse god of law and justice) but also strive to think more outside the box and add other influences of metal genres into their sound. Their newest album Valkyrja keeps the heathen hammer held higher than ever and strikes with perfection and relentless fury. The anticipation for this album could not have been greater for me this year, and I am exultant to say that Týr’s newest release has gone above and beyond what I expected the final product to be.

Upon the album’s release, the only track made available was Blood of Heroes which is the first track on the album. This small taste only made me more eager due to its great and catchy rhythmic guitar leads, great beat, and the return of one of my favorite vocalists, Heri Joensen. After taking in the first track, as I already did countless times before the album’s release, it moved very nicely into the heavy track Mare of My Night. Song writing is once again very catchy like their previous record The Lay of Thrym but but has no doubt successfully surpassed that album this time around. No song shows that they’ve hit their stride stronger than with track, Hel Hath No Fury. The choral chanting along with the ramped up feeling from the instruments make this track unquestionably impressive.

The album does slow down early, but with only one track called The Lay of Our Love. There is a great vocal duet here between Joensen and the guest singer Liv Kristine of the band Leaves’ Eyes. It’s a beautifully written song and a wonderful performance from both singers. Typically I am not too fond of a slower and subtle metal sound, but the song has such a lovely feel it is difficult to not get lost in it, just like every track on this album. Following the gentler song, the album gets back right back into the intensity, and rarely let's up at any point for the rest of the album.

The song Nation does a great job in delivering seamless speed from the drums and heavy guitar quality Týr is so overwhelming whimsical at. Like previous records, I am glad they have once again returned to their native tongue providing truly unique vocals that are hard to overlook, especially that of the intro for the song Grindavísan, which would make any Viking solider proud to raise his sword or hammer high to the sky. The tracks throughout the album tend to keep their length around the four minute mark, but they deliver such a strong presence and contain the most masterful song writing. Such as the song Into the Sky for example, which has the most exemplary heavy metal punch.

The album ends in great fashion with the title track, Valkyrja. The song is over seven minutes, and is one of the most overpowering songs on the entire album. Once again the vocal chorus here is impossible to escape without feeling a sense of Viking warrior pride. Two fantastic bonus tracks do show up on this album with covers of Iron Maiden’s Where Eagles Dare and Pantera’s Cemetary Gates. Both are done with great care and respect and performed with faultless execution.

The sheer feeling after completing this album is one that is hard to overcome. The powerful scope and direction of this album is so well done that it will be hard to put this album down. Its albums like Valkyrja that leave such a strong impact that is hard to forget and keep that feeling alive even years down the road. Týr have delivered a truly remarkable album that will be remembered and give them the much earned respect that they have always deserved.

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